We need to talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver

About the book

Who is to blame for teenage atrocity? Narrator Eva Khatchadourian’s son, Kevin, murdered seven of his fellow high school students, a cafeteria worker, and the much-loved teacher who tried to befriend him. This novel is an examination of the effect tragedy has on a town, a marriage and a family.

Review By WEA Afternoon

This book prompted the longest discussion we have ever had. In general it was well received but a small minority found the characters and plot of no interest. The ending came as a huge surprise to most people.

Star rating ***

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2 thoughts on “We need to talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver”

  1. Review by Waterstones Group
    This is not a book that we “enjoyed” but one that was very thought provoking. It is an emotionally draining book to read as it covers a very difficult subject. It is a brilliantly written book that had a huge impact on us all.
    Star rating ****


  2. Review by Shipton Bellinger WI
    A must read book . Irritating to begin with but persevere because you will soon become hooked on a story that will shock you and certainly make you think about what causes wickedness in children – nature or nurture. Your group will not be short of ides for discussion. you probably know what it is about but don’t be put off. Shriver handles her subject with sensitivity and so apart from it being very thought provoking it is a very good read.
    Star rating ****


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