Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins by Rupert Everett

About the book

An element of drama has always attended Rupert Everett, even before he swept to fame with his outstanding performance in ‘Another Country’. He has spent his life surrounded by extraordinary people, and witnessed extraordinary events. He was in Moscow during the fall of communism; in Berlin the night the wall came down; and in downtown Manhattan on September 11th. By the age of 17 he was friends with Andy Warhol and Bianca Jagger, and since then he has been up close and personal with some of the most famous women in the world: Julia Roberts, Madonna, Sharon Stone and Donatella Versace. Whether sweeping the floor for the Royal Shakespeare Company or co-starring with Faye Dunaway and an orang-utan in ‘Dunstan Checks In’ (they both took ages to get ready), Rupert Everett always brings as much energy and talent to his life as he does to his career. A superb raconteur and a keen observer of human folly (especially his own), Rupert Everett turns his life into a captivating story of love, fame, glamour, gossip and drama.

Reviewed by Itchen

“This autobiography had a mixed reception. Most felt that it was an ego trip by an actor who needed the support and approval of others but, at the same time, risked disapproval as a result of his lifestyle. His career, although successful, was fuelled by drink, drugs and promiscuity. There was, however considerable sympathy for him, largely because he had been sent away to boarding school at an early age without any preparation, and where he felt himself to be an outsider. An interesting point made by one member was that over the last two decades society has come a long way in accepting gay people. This book brought out much discussion in our group of mainly retired older people. ”

star rating ***

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