Death in a Strange Country by Donna Leon

About the book

Early one morning Guido Brunetti, Commissario of the Venice Police, confronts a grisly sight when the body of a young man is fished out of a fetid Venetian canal. All the clues point to a violent mugging, but for Brunetti, robbery seems altogether too convenient a motive. Then something very incriminating is discovered in the dead man’s flat – something which points to the existence of a high-level cabal – and Brunetti becomes convinced that somebody, somewhere, is taking great pains to provide a ready-made solution to the crime …

Reviewed by Bookends

“An easy read; varied opinions within the group as to the predictability of the plot; depth of characters. Informative in American / Italian relationships and disposal of toxic waste”

star rating **


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1 thought on “Death in a Strange Country by Donna Leon”

  1. Reviewed by BDC Crime Reading Group

    “Strong setting in Venice – dark and murky. Interesting characters – some humour and clever rapport. Great sadness that the crimes although solved, do not improve the status quo. Good to chat about!”

    star rating ****


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