Nice Work by David Lodge

About the book

When Vic Wilcox (MD of Pringle’s engineering works) meets English lecturer Dr Robyn Penrose, sparks fly as their lifestyles and ideologies collide head on. What, after all, are they supposed to learn from each other? But in time both parties make some surprising discoveries about each other’s worlds – and about themselves.


Reviewed by Bridgemary Bookworms

“Overall thoughts on the book were that is like the Parson’s Egg, ‘good in parts’ A lot of characters to describe and take into account. It was generally liked but didn’t flow well to start with. It brought out the difference between working practice and academic life”

“Oh what a truly boring book this is. I was waiting for it to get funny, and it didn’t. The continuous ‘highbrow’ ramblings by Robyn were tedious. The smutty bits were probably thrown in to keep the reader’s interest, but I found them to be unnecessary and a turn-off”

star rating **


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