The Lives of Others by Neel Mukherjee

About the book

Calcutta, 1967. Unnoticed by his family, Supratik has become dangerously involved in extremist political activism. Compelled by an idealistic desire to change his life and the world around him, all he leaves behind before disappearing is a note. At home, his family slowly begins to unravel. Poisonous rivalries grow, the once-thriving family business implodes and destructive secrets are unearthed. And all around them the sands are shifting as society fractures, for this is a moment of turbulence, of inevitable and unstoppable change.


Reviewed by EMS Valley U3A

“Only 2 of our members finished the book – the rest gave up ¾ way through. A very dense book. We all had mixed feelings. Interesting history of both the family and the terrorists, but very violent”

star rating **


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1 thought on “The Lives of Others by Neel Mukherjee”

  1. Reviewed The Olive Tree

    “None of us read this regrettably: A few tried but gave up – in spite of Family Names and a glossary”

    star rating – none provided


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