Black Rock by Amanda Smyth

About the book

Celia’s mother died bringing her into the world – when one soul flies in, another flies out, her aunt Tassi says. So she lives in Black Rock, Tobago, with her cousins and Tassi’s second husband Roman, a man so sly he could crawl under a snake’s belly on stilts. Celia thinks he’s the devil, so when he does something that proves her right, she runs away to Trinidad and a new life in service.


Reviewed by Sandy’s Reading Group

“A readable book with well-drawn characters – even the most sympathetic of whom were flawed. Well crafted plot lines although some predictability, but with a strong narrative drive that made you want to read to the end,”

star rating – ****


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1 thought on “Black Rock by Amanda Smyth”

  1. Reviewed by Petersfield U3A Book Group 2

    “All enjoyed this.made for a good discussion on slavery, women’s rights and the place of women in society,”

    star rating – ***


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