Mrs Robinson’s Disgrace by Kate Summerscale

About the book

When the married Isabella Robinson was introduced to the dashing Edward Lane at a party in 1850, she was utterly enchanted. He was ‘fascinating’, she told her diary, before chastising herself for being so susceptible to a man’s charms. But a wish had taken hold of her, and she was to find it hard to shake…

In one of the most notorious divorce cases of the nineteenth century, Isabella Robinson’s scandalous secrets were exposed to the world. Kate Summerscale brings vividly to life a frustrated Victorian wife’s longing for passion and learning, companionship and love, in a society clinging to rigid ideas about marriage and female sexuality.

Reviewed by Everton

“An interesting revelation of the social moves of the Victorian era. The sexual aspect was covered well in it’s explorations of treatment of ‘deviations in behaviour’ A woman craving affection and seeking what she could get, Isabella was probably typical of a woman of her generation – but in some ways before her time”

star rating ** ½



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1 thought on “Mrs Robinson’s Disgrace by Kate Summerscale”

  1. Reviewed by CC Readers

    “Mostly enjoyed it and it stimulated a lot of discussion about Victorian morality and women’s position in society. Well researched and written. Perhaps too much detail for some”

    star rating ***


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