Friday Nights by Joanna Trollope

About the book

Friday nights, the best night of the week, the night they all looked forward to more than they cared to admit – talking, drinking, laughing and crying together. They were six female friends, different in age and circumstances, but with one common need: the warmth and support of their Friday nights. It was a time to share secrets and fears, triumphs and tragedies and, above all, to feel safe in the company of women friends. But things never stay the same forever, especially when a man is introduced into the mix…


Reviewed by Godshill WI

This was not Joanna’s finest hour! We felt the book had been written at the publisher’s behest: it was formulaic, crowded with people, had a chaotic ‘plot’ and went nowhere. We appreciate wer’e an ‘older’ readership, but felt Joanna was out of touch with that group. She has done so much better”

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