The Soldier’s Wife by Joanna Trollope

About the book

The soldiers are coming home – after six months in Afghanistan. Surely being reunited with their wives and girlfriends and families will be heaven, after the hell they have been through. When Dan Riley returns to his adored wife, Alexa, and their children, his Army life still comes first. Alexa thought she was prepared to help him, and the whole family, to make the transition to normal life again – but no-one had told her how lonely and near impossible the task would be. Does marrying a soldier always have to mean that you are not marrying a man, but a regiment?


Reviewed by Everton

Everyone enjoyed it and thought the research was excellent. Gave us all food for thought and put all the different characters into the fore for various reasons, especially Isobel. Unless you are in the forces it is difficult to imagine the way of life they have to lead. Very well written overall.

star rating ***

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1 thought on “The Soldier’s Wife by Joanna Trollope”

  1. Reviewed by Itchen

    “A very accurate and perceptive view of the life of a modern army wife. As with ‘The Rector’s Wife’ Joanna Trollope gets under the skin of her main characters, and presents the dilemmas of choosing a man devoted to his calling “

    star rating ***


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