Sudden Rain by Maritta Wolff

About the book

Now that “Sudden Rain” has come out of its hiding place — in Wolff’s refrigerator, found after her death — it remains gloriously frozen in time. Set in the fall of 1972, the novel perfectly captures, with expansive emotion and cinematic detail, the domestic trends of three generations of middle-class couples living in suburban Los Angeles. A brilliant portrait of its burgeoning era, “Sudden Rain “also offers striking cultural commentary on our everyday notions of love and marriage; individuality, equality, and community; and the promise and pursuit of the American Dream.”

Reviewed by Monks Brook U3A

The group as a whole disliked this book, finding the characters shallow, self centred and two-dimensional. The ending does not fit with the rest of the plot and leaves many loose ends, so much so that we wonder if it was written by someone else!”

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