The Amateur Marriage by Anne Tyler

About the book

Michael and Pauline seemed like the perfect couple – young, good-looking, made for each other. The moment she walked into his mother’s grocery store in Baltimore, he was smitten, and in the heat of World War II fervour, they marry in haste. From the sound of the cash register in the old grocery to the counter-culture jargon of the sixties, from the miniskirts to the multilayers of later years, we watch their lives unspool and see the consequences of their very mismatched marriage.


Reviewed by Waterside Phoenix

The group found this book un interesting, pointless and without characters with whom they could identify”

star rating *



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2 thoughts on “The Amateur Marriage by Anne Tyler”

  1. Reviewed by Winchester NWR

    “We thought the sense of place was strong and vivid and contributed to the authenticity of the story and our understanding of the community which produced the main characters

    star rating ***


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