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Culturally Diverse Books to Share from Bookstart Bear

Our planet is a big, beautiful place but, for most small children, their experience of it is limited to their immediate family and the places near their home.  Picture books can open a door to the wider world.

Some of the picture books in this collection show people living in other countries, some show the diversity of people living in our towns and cities.  You will find people of all colours, shapes, sizes and abilities – people like your family and people who may be a bit different.

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My Granny Went to Market – Stella Blackstone

Granny’s round-the-world shopping trip combines counting from one to ten with a light-hearted multicultural theme. She races round the world on a magical carpet, buying many things from the countries she visits.

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My World, Your World – Melanie Walsh

The world is full of all sorts of people, speaking different languages and living different kinds of lives, but deep down people are basically the same wherever they live.

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Off to Market – Elizabeth Dale & Erika Pal

Here is the bus off to market today, shiny and bright as it starts on its way, with Joe, the young driver, smiling with pride, as everyone stops to get on and ride.

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Peekaboo, Hello You! – Georgie Birkett

Where is everyone hiding at the seaside? Lift the soft flaps to look into the beach hut, behind the sandcastle, behind the boat sail, under the umbrella, and inside the towel to find the hidden children.

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Rattle and Rap – Susan Steggall

Rattle and rap, clickety-clack!  Follow a family on their train journey to the sea, passing cars on the level crossing, boats on the river, and lots of different people.

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Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes – Mem Fox & Helen Oxenbury

All over the world, babies are different. Yet in some ways they are very much the same: each one has ten little fingers and ten little toes – to play with, to tickle, to wave. And each child is very, very special to its parents.

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The Great Big Book of Families – Mary Hoffman & Ros Asquith

What is a family? Once, it was said to be a father, mother, boy, girl, cat and dog living in a house with a garden. But as times have changed, families have changed too.  This book takes a look through children’s eyes at the wide varieties of family life, from homes, food and schools to holidays, jobs and housework.

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Wait and See – Tony Bradman & Eileen Browne

It’s Saturday, and Jo has some pocket money to spend. So Jo and her mum go shopping, while Dad stays at home to make lunch for them all. But what should she spend her money on? She’ll have to wait and see.

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