Christmas Opening Hours

During the festive period, we will have a couple of changes to our library opening times:

      • Sat 24th Dec              Opening as usual, no opening after 4pm
      • Sun 25th Dec             All libraries closed
      • Mon 26th Dec            All libraries closed
      • Tues 27th Dec           All libraries closed
      • Weds 28th Dec         Opening as usual, no opening after 5pm
      • Thurs 29th Dec         Opening as usual, no opening after 5pm
      • Fri 30th Dec              Opening as usual, no opening after 5pm
      • Sat 31st Dec             Opening as usual
      • Mon 2nd Jan             All libraries closed

Don’t forget our eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines and digital library are there for you 24/7!

8 thoughts on “Christmas Opening Hours”

  1. please move the crime section in the Discovery centre away from the computers. I am fed up avoiding peoples bags on the ground in fact I caught my foot in a bag strap last week and also with chairs from the computer desk flung across the room and having to put them back in order to progrss around the books. I have already broken a hip if I fall in the library and break a bone again it will cost the Council in compensation.


    1. Dear Mrs Bennett
      I am sorry to hear that you have been having difficulties using our services in Winchester Discovery Centre. Your comment serves as a valuable reminder to us, of our responsibilities to remove trip hazards and to ensure the safety of both our customers and our staff.
      As it is a high volume area around the Crime fiction section and the computers we will take your suggestions on board and bear them in mind in future reviews of stock areas.
      I hope that this has not deterred you from using our services at the Discovery Centre and please report to staff if you have any further difficulties.
      Yours truly

      Ann Kelly
      Library Team Manager
      Winchester Discovery Centre and Alresford Library Jewry Street Winchester
      SO23 8SB
      01962 873624


    2. Dear Mrs Bennett,
      I was truly sorry to see your complaint of distress while using the library; it is a shame that you are having difficulties however as a firm supporter of the fantastic facilities HHC supplies with the library service I am going to “stick up for them”. Have you thought that perhaps your manner may have offended others? I have had experiences of people barging into me and my bag causing damage. Consider that people have different ways of working and relaxing and the services are a privileged not an entitlement.
      You seem to understand that you have to negotiate other users, so I can suggest to just politely ask them to move their bag or ask a member of staff to assist you?
      I am sure that a well-put polite suggestion to move an entire section would be considered as a valid suggestion, but if it can’t be made so just for you, then you need to manage with awareness and responsibly. If it is a dangerous situation then do not put others (including myself) or yourself at risk or threaten legal action.
      I’d like to suggest that a thank you to the HHC library service for providing such a well-visited facility would have been a better start to any complaint. You seem to want to use it so surely it is worthy of some praise.


  2. Thank you for your Christmas opening hours and for remembering that everything does not always stop for Christmas
    – a shame on Southampton (where I live) for their poorer service over the same time span.


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