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12 Picture Books from 2016

At this time of year we generally share twelve of our favourite picture books published during the last twelve months.  This year has seen a bumper crop of fabulous books and it was a struggle to cut my long-list of book choices down to such a small number – so I haven’t.

Today we are sharing twelve picture books which are arguably for slightly younger children.  Tomorrow we will offer another twelve books, this time for slightly older children.  We hope you find some of your favourites here and maybe some ideas for books you’ve not yet read.  They are all available to borrow from Hampshire Libraries.

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The Best Bit of Daddy’s Day – Claire Alexander

Follow Bertie and his daddy through their day, until they get to the bit that Daddy likes best.

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Goodnight Everyone – Chris Haughton

The sun is going down and everyone is sleepy – well, almost everyone.  A lovely book full of yawns, stretches and Zzzzzz’s.  Just right for bed time.

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The Greedy Goat – Petr Horácek

Goat has had enough of eating grass, so she tries lots of different things.  This is a fun, cautionary farmyard tale that shows, just because we would like to eat something, doesn’t mean we should.

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The Knight Who Wouldn’t Fight – Helen & Thomas Docherty

Leo loves to read, but his mum and dad don’t think that’s the way knights should behave. They send him off to fight a dragon – and any other fearsome creatures he might meet along the way.

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Love Matters Most – Mij Kelly &amp Gerry Turley

An evocative book showing many of the natural wonders of the lands around the Arctic Circle. More importantly, it shows a mother (polar bear) searching for and finding her lost cub. *sniff*

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Nibbles The Book Monster – Emma Yarlett

This book is great fun – with flaps, cut-outs and add-ins to help you follow the trail of Nibbles, the book-eating monster, through all sorts of places he doesn’t belong.

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Oi Dog! – Kes & Claire Gray and Jim Field

If you shared Oi Frog! with your children last year, then this book is a must.  Frog decides to change all the rules about who sits where.  The last page is brilliant.

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Solomon and Mortimer – Catherine Rayner

Another sequel, this time from Solomon Crocodile. In this book, Solomon has a friend to share in his exploits. Sounds like trouble to me!

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Tidy – Emily Gravett

Pete is a badger who likes everything clean and tidy. Unfortunately, he takes things a little too far and finds himself tidied out of his own home. Will he learn his lesson?

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The Truth According to Arthur – Tim Hopgood & David Tazzyman

Today Arthur did something wrong. He knows his mum will ask him about it. Will he tell the truth? Or will he bend it, stretch it and try to cover it up? A good starting point for discussions about honesty.

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Vrooom! A Race for First Place – Jonathan Litton & Kasia Nowowiejska

Ten busy, whizzy vehicles line up for a race. This is a tactile, counting-backwards book where vehicles disappear throughout the race. Who will be left at the finishing line?

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We’re in the wrong book! – Richard Byrne

Bella and Ben need your help, nice reader. Bella’s dog has bumped them off the page and now they are lost in the wrong book. Can you help them find their way home to a happy ending?

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