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12 More Picture Books from 2016

As promised yesterday, here are twelve more of our favourite picture books published in 2016.  These are aimed at slightly older children than yesterday’s selection, but every child is different.

We hope you find some more of your favourites here – and maybe some ideas for books you’ve not yet read.  All of our suggestions from yesterday and today are available to borrow from Hampshire Libraries.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Bear Spotting – Michelle Robinson & David Roberts

Are you going for a walk in bear country? Bears can be very dangerous, but this helpful guide should help you get through safely. Probably. If you study it carefully.

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An Animal A B C – Alice Pattullo

A beautifully illustrated alphabet book, suitable for the whole family to share.  Each double page spread has a letter with an appropriately named and illustrated animal, but also includes interesting facts about the different creatures.  For example, did you know that rhinos suffer from sunburn?

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The Detective Dog – Julia Donaldson & Sara Ogilvie

Peter’s dog, Nell, has an amazing sense of smell – she can find anything! This is a gun celebration of reading, libraries and a friendship between one boy and his dog.

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Don’t Call Me Choochie Pooh! – Sean Taylor & Kate Hindley

Another dog story, this time about a spoilt little dog with plenty of attitude. She just wants to be like all the other dogs.

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15 things NOT to do with a Granny – Margaret McAllister & Holly Sterling

If your children enjoyed 15 things NOT to do with a baby then you will want to look at this new title from the same team. Personally I think the grannies all look fabulous!

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I Am Bear – Ben Bailey Smith & Sav Akyüz

Another bear book – or should that be bare? Or purple? However you describe him, this bear is trouble.

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Lionheart – Richard Collingridge

Richard is small and scared, so he runs until he reaches a magical jungle full of animals – and a monster. But he also finds a friend who helps him find his courage and to make more friends.

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Meltdown! – Jill Murphy

This book will probably be appreciated more by parents than children. Jill Murphy turns her eagle eye on toddlers, tantrums and supermarket trolleys.

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Monster in the Hood – Steve Antony

Three friends have heard all about the Monster in the Hood, but they wanted to see it for themselves. “Come out, come out, wherever you are! You won’t scare us!” Will the three friends get more than they bargained for?

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Odd Bods – Steven Butler & Jarvis

Ava is an odd bod. Boris is too… Clara, we’re not sure about. I think she’s odd, don’t you? This is an alphabetical celebration for every child who ever felt different.

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Rain – Sam Usher

It’s pelting down with rain and one little boy can’t wait to get outside.  Unfortunately his granddad has some important paperwork to do.  When at last he finishes the two leave the house together and have an amazing adventure.

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Stanley the Amazing Knitting Cat – Emily MacKenzie

Stanley is a talented and passionate knitter. He knits wonderful gifts for his friends, but then he has an opportunity to enter the Woolly Wonders Competition. Will he put the knitting competition before his friends?

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