LGBT History Month

What is LGBT? It stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender and in February, the United Kingdom are celebrating LGBT History Month! This year LGBT History Month is focusing on citizenship, PSHE and Law.

Get involved and celebrate LGBT history month by;

  • Participating in an event, whether that be taking a trip to a National Festival or finding out what your local community may be doing for LGBT month and getting involved in that!
  • Sharing the celebration through social media

Here are some great top tips on preparing for LGBT History Month.

Grab your tickets for the showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at Winchester Discover Centre on the 16th of February!

Want to join the Pride Party? Come along to Winchester on February 25th and join the march through Winchester and then let loose with street and pride parties. Please find all the details for this here.



3 thoughts on “LGBT History Month”

  1. Civil partnerships are legal, criminal records have been removed but by `celebrating` LGBT month council is effectively treating homosexuals as disadvantaged in law when clearly they are no longer . Why not celebrate ginger hair month; having such hair often leads to sarcasm, isolation which is not illegal at this point in time!


  2. The aim of these pride months is to celebrate a large community who have repeatedly been supressed and criminalised over history. We celebrate the LGBTQAI+ community because we still face adversity and discrimination from people around us. Along side the current political climate and the involvement of religion in political proceedings (I’m looking at you America), it is becoming less safe for the LGBT community to be out and proud.
    Thousands of young people are unable to come out to their parents or their family because they fear abuse, 50% suffer from a negative environment at home if they come out, 26% are forced out of their homes for their orientation and up to 50% of the children who live on the streets are there because they were forced out of their homes for being gay. ( Just because Civil Partnerships and Gay marriage have been legalised doesn’t mean that the ordeals that the LGBTQAI+ community have gone through have instantly ended. As a person who identifies as Queer who is surrounded by gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, transgendered and non-binary friends I find your suggestions illogical and insensitive, as well all face judgement and varying levels of discrimination in our lives, from both in and outside the community. Would you bemoan Black History month (which is also February), because PoCs aren’t slaves and in the eyes of the law are legal? Or would you ask why there isn’t a white history month? Hopefully you’d say no, because that too would be wrong, as a History/Pride month is about reflecting on the past, on those who have helped make the community the ‘safe’ place it is today, and celebrating who we are as people. But this is what you’re essentially arguing.
    From Public Health matters:
    “A recent report from the University of Leicester’s Centre for Hate Studies revealed that 88 per cent of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people had experienced some form of hate incident leaving them with emotional and physical scars.
    Additional national evidence in the report shows that while victims of transphobia can be targeted up to 50 times in one year, only three in ten reports the incidents.”
    Heterosexual pride month will never be necessary, as the heterosexual community has never been oppressed, made illegal or been discriminated against for the people they love. When we can safely say that the LGBT community is entirely equal to the heterosexual community, with no discrimination, no hate and no need for the legality of our rights to be questioned in court, then maybe we can stop have gay pride months. But that is currently not the case, and I doubt it will be for a long time.
    So allow us to celebrate who we are, our community and the fact that we are still alive and fighting, when so many members have died (those identifying as LGBT are twice as likely to commit suicide, over half do self harm (for heterosexuals its normally between 1 in 10 and 1 in 15) –, and if you really dislike our need for pride then maybe reconsider where you’re standing, or just leave us to ourselves.

    (Impassioned comment over)


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