Why we love Dr Seuss

2nd March marks the 113th birthday of Dr Seuss. In honour of the master of vocabulary himself, here are five reasons why we love Dr Seuss, courtesy of the Children’s book review.

1. Great for mastering phonics!

A child who is learning to read is learning to connect the sounds that go with letters so that he can then put them together to make words. Repeating sounds frequently, help a child master this skill. Dr Seuss is the master of repetitive sounds and engaging stories, while using limited vocabulary—an ideal combination for a beginning reader.

2. Great Read-Aloud Books

Thanks to his clever rhyming, Dr. Seuss’ books sound great when they are read aloud. Did you know that reading to an infant helps with brain development, speech skills, and bonding between parent and child?

3. Great For Reluctant Readers

Sometimes the hardest part of reading is getting your child to read. I think you would be hard pressed to find a child that would not be entertained by the sheer absurdity of Dr Seuss’s wacky plots and zany characters. Sometimes a little fun and excitement is all that is needed to get kids reading.

4. Great For Teaching Life’s Lessons

With enchanting worlds and wonderful creatures, both familiar and unfamiliar, Dr Seuss teaches readers many admirable life lessons.

5. Perfect for all ages

Reading Dr Seuss books is also great because children of all ages enjoy them for different reasons at each stage of their development. New born babies will love listening to the rhythm and tone of your voice as you read while older babies will start to take an interest in the rhymes and colourful pictures. The books will continue to delight toddlers and are great to share with young children who are learning to read.

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