Fairy day

Growing up most adults and children are told tales of the little creatures that live inside toadstools in the woods or at the bottom of the garden! Saturday 24 June marks the date we can all celebrate Fairies together. Which means there is still time for you to come down to your local Library branch and collect a book all about fairies for the big day!

If you are not too sure what to read especially for Fairy day, then please have a look at the book list below, dedicated for children and young adults.

Fairies , John Malam

Down on the grassy meadow, a ring of shimmering lights dance and sing under the darkness of the night sky. From Finvarra the king of Irish fairies to the gruesome goblins of Bohemia, learn about the many legends and mysteries surrounding these fascinating creatures. A Hunt down the most mischievous elves Find out about the pixie, dwarf and nymph fairies A Discover the most famous fairies in the world With amazing artwork, incredible tales and legendary encounters, find out everything you need to know about the mythical world.

Katie the kitten fairy , Daisy Meadows

Fairyland in uproar! Jack Frost has stolen the Pet Fairies magical pets. Without them, the Pet Fairies can’t ensure that pets in the human world find the right owners. So it’s vital that the Pet Fairies get their magic pets back.

Fairy stories, Anna Wilson

Little girls will love being spirited away to fairyland by this collection of ten stories. They will visit the wonderful world of dream fairies, funny fairy godmothers, a sweet-toothed cake fairy and a fairy who has a lot to learn about friendship.

A book of Fairies , Katherine. M. Briggs

Briggs celebrates the rich and varied fairy tradition of the British Isles with essays, poems and a selection of reported sightings and country tales ranging from medieval chronicles to stories handed

The complete book of the flower fairies , Cicely Mary Barker

This classic collection captures perfectly the unique charm and grace of Barker’s Flower Fairies. Brought together in one volume for the first time, this large format is ideal for viewing the delicacy of the accomplished Flower Fairy illustrations.

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