Summer Reading Challenge

Get ready for the Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer Reading Challenge kicks off on Saturday 15 July – sign up for free at your local library. 

This year’s theme is Animal Agents and features characters created by award-winning artist Tony Ross, best known for illustrating the Horrid Henry book series.  The Animal Agents need the help of young readers from 4 to 11 years old to help solve a baffling crime involving clues, suspects and smelly red herrings.  Visit our Summer Reading Challenge website for links, tips and videos.  We’re expecting around 25,000 children to take part this year in Hampshire.


Meet the Animal Agents

Bernice the bear heads up the Animal Agency.  She’s tough on crime and very fond of honey breaks during her busy days.

Slip and Slide, also known as the Snake Twins, make a charming duo.  Not many criminals can slither out of their grip.

Bart the bloodhound has a nose for trouble.  He may not be fast on four paws, but he can sniff out clues in double-quick time.

Daisy the rabbit can dart about at super speed in her turbo-charged chair, so she’s always tops at keeping tabs on any suspect.


Read the books and catch the crook!


Meet the Suspects

Mrs Atkins may look like a friendly, grey-haired granny, but Bernice the bear says never trust appearances.  Is there a crafty crook lurking beneath that cuddly cardigan?

Angel is the straight A student who always comes top of the class.  But is this perfect pupil a criminal mastermind in her spare time?

Mr Bannerjee is a clever businessman who always has his eyes on the prize.  But Bart the bloodhound thinks he can sniff out some dodgy dealing on the side.

Cory is the coolest dude on a skateboard but when the wheels stop spinning, Slip and Slide wonder if he’s taking us all for a ride!



We’d love to hear how you are getting on.  Have you read something you love?  Or a book you just couldn’t stand.  Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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