National Playday – Wednesday 2nd August

Playday is the national day for play and takes place every year on the first Wednesday in August. On Playday thousands of children and families get out to play at hundreds of community events across the UK. Why not find a fun activity at a Hampshire library this week?

Coordinated by Play England, it is a celebration of children’s right to play, and a campaign that highlights the importance of play in children’s lives, by a network of people passionate about children’s play. With the school summer holidays, it’s a great time of year for parents and young families and relatives to interact and mix with their community and enjoy the benefits of social play.

On Playday itself, we’re spoilt for choice, with Summer Reading Challenge themed crafts , Toy Library or Storytime drop-ins, and for older children the events continue throughout August with board games and animal-handling events!

These occasions will hopefully inspire our Animal Agents as they finalise their choices for summer reads. Meanwhile for parents, guardians and teachers, books on educational play mean the possibilities for fun and learning this summer have no bounds!

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