Saving luggage space

Planning a holiday or trip this summer? Dreading packing? Then look no further, here are some great tips on how to save space in your luggage!

1.Knowing exactly what to pack

There are simple ways of doing this like writing a check list! Whether that is on paper, your mobile phone or a computer. Doing this saves a lot of time, not having to unpack and re-pack because you think you missed something!

2. Rolling clothes up when packing

Don’t fold your clothes up, roll them up! Not only does this save your clothes from getting all creased and crinkled, but also it can maximises your luggage space.

3. Download your books on your tablet or smart phone

Trying to pack more than one book can be a bit of a nightmare! Follow the link and visit our e-book catalogue and download the books you wish to read on holiday to any tablet or smart phone. Make sure to download the app first – Libby! Save even more room and download travel guides onto your devices too!

4. Don’t pack your bulky clothes, wear them!

If you have bulky clothes, wear as much as you can on the flight! You can always un-layer yourself and put the clothes into the over head lockers. This will not only save you lots of room but will make your luggage a lot lighter.

5. Weigh your luggage

Paying for your luggage because it is over the weight limit can be bit frustrating. To avoid this make sure to grab your scales at home and weigh your luggage, that way you can see whether you have enough room or you need to unpack some more items!

If you want more advice on how to save luggage space then have a look at the titles below that are available to borrow from your local library, just in time for your holiday or trip!

How to pack: travel smart for any trip, Kelly Lasserre

How to Pack includes guidelines for narrowing down one’s wardrobe, how many pairs of shoes are really necessary and best practices for storing toiletries and makeup. Here, too, are instructions on selecting the right luggage, when to fold vs. roll clothing, and trip-specific packing lists. Hitha’s tips are for today’s modern traveller who doesn’t want to sacrifice style for space, but who still wants to fit a 2-week vacation wardrobe into a carry-on bag.

The backpackers’ survival guide: everything you need to know, Tasmin King

Tips and ideas for travelling the world So you’re off to explore the big, wide world: head filled with possibilities and hiking boots laced. But a big trip brings big questions, like how do I go about choosing and packing a bag and how should I handle money abroad? Luckily this handy guide is filled with essential tips, advice and hacks to make your adventures on the road truly unforgettable.


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