DOTS – our pilot iPad Lending Service

Thanks to nearly £250,000 awarded by Arts Council England, we have  launched Library DOTS  (Digital; Options, Training and Support), our tablet computer lending project to help tackle social isolation and improve digital literacy.

We have purchased 120 3G enabled tablets which are available for eligible Hampshire residents for a four week loan period, during which training will be provided.

The tablets are pre-loaded with relevant online library services, and useful applications linking to themes such as health and well being and information about local communities and services.

Five part-time co-ordinators are running the project and training and supporting residents in using the tablets.

The tablets are targeted at people and places experiencing disadvantage, which include social and digital isolation, lone parenting, people on low incomes, and people for whom English is not their first language.

It’s estimated around 800 library customers and their families will benefit from the project. Residents will need to join the library to take part, if they’re not already members. Other tablet borrowing criteria include:

  • Aged 18 years and over
  • Attend 2 Hampshire Libraries ‘Get to Know Your DOTS tablet’ training sessions
  • Agree to complete the DOTS project feedback form and return it along with the device at the end of the loan period.

For a referral to your local DOTS coordinator speak to staff inside your library.

8 thoughts on “DOTS – our pilot iPad Lending Service”

  1. Could you publish a list of the installed applications and websites, please, so we can install them on iPads and tablets owned by our elderly relatives, too, as I think that would be a useful way to further extend the reach of this initiative?


    1. Hi Mike, we most certainly will look into publishing a list of the installed applications and websites. Thank you for your suggestion and we will keep you updated. Katie


  2. I enquired about the DOTS project at Southsea Library – but was told they didn’t know anything about it. Is this because it is only available in certain Hampshire Libraries and not any that are in a Unitary Authority like Portsmouth – or I was unlucky with the person I asked and it was just them who hadn’t heard about DOTS ?


    1. Hi Maggie, many thanks for your question. Portsmouth and Southampton Libraries are not part of Hampshire Library Service the closet Hampshire Library branches to Southsea is Havant, Emsworth, Gosport Discovery Centre and Waterlooville, any of these branches will be more than happy to help you with DOTS. Katie


  3. Hello,

    I was wondering if it would be possible for the person responsible for managing the pilot could get in contact with me as we are considering this in our own local authority.

    Many thanks



  4. Hi, I was wondering if you could do with some volunteer help with the DOTS service. I have IT skills and time. I am in Winchester.


    1. Hi Simon, thanks for the offer. please get in touch with the staff at Winchester Discovery Centre, who will be able to signpost our volunteering opportunities to you. Thanks, Gilbert – Hampshire Libraries


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