Make:Shift:Do at The Makery Spaces!

Make:Shift:Do with the Crafts Council

On Friday 27th and Saturday 28th October we celebrated the best of what The Makery can offer: fun, creative and challenging learning experiences! These events were in partnership with the Crafts Council 

We hosted a free family-oriented Crumble kit computing session at The Fareham Makery, which allowed families to work together to create a gadget from scratch using basic computing skills. We love this kind of activity, as it encourages confidence and family bonding in working together to create something original. It was fantastic to see a fully-subscribed event full of families learning together.

Many Hands:

This session used household items and recyclables to build a unique device that focused on healthy eating and well-being. Our visitors were encouraged to stretch their ideas and creativity to the weird and wonderful! With items used ranging from a multi-use kitchen tool to an egg timer, the gadgets’ humble beginnings were transformed by a combination of creativity and technical application.

The Craft Before The Code:

Crumble kits are a great resource for getting young people into developing basic computing skills but with the added skill of developing their creativity. The possibilities are limited only by the user’s imagination as to what can be made using these kits and allows them to gain useful skills whilst having fun making a unique creation.

That’s Just the Way the Coding Crumbles:

The workshops also relied on teamwork within and in between the groups and families, which added fun and social elements to the session as well as reinforce learning. And our visitors developed a real sense of achievement with a finished working gadget at the end of it.

For more images and videos of the day, see the Fareham Makery Facebook page.

Then on Saturday, we welcomed families for a ‘behind closed doors’ freestyle session at The Fleet Makery, again in partnership with the Crafts Council.

Inviting visitors to drop-in and try a full range of Makery equipment, including 3D printing, Raspberry Pi coding, demonstrations of Lego Robotics and the latest Apple technology.
Families and people of all ages were welcome to explore all the resources that The Makery has to offer and how our facility integrates the principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics into a community space.

This was fantastically well attended, the open and flexible style of the sessions made it an attractive stop for passing families and regular visitors alike. Unlike the more structured sessions currently available for booking, this was more of an overview of the concept and a perfect first look at the facility.

Drawing and 3D Printing:

While both Make:Shift:Do events engaged well with our visitors, they were successful in different ways and have inspired future courses and workshops. The first to be based on feedback is the Home Education Sessions on Tuesdays at the Fareham Makery over a four-week period, beginning on Tuesday 14th November. All ticket enquiries are currently made in branch, and continued feedback and suggestions is most welcome.

See you at the next event!

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