Health and Wellbeing

Research shows that libraries are trusted, neutral and non-judgemental places which seek to promote health support and public library staff are second only to doctors in terms of the trust placed upon them (SLC 2012).

At Hampshire Libraries we promote healthy lifestyles through providing up to date health information and sign posting resources like, activities and events such as yoga classes and photography courses.

We offer targeted resources through the Reading Well Scheme and When a Book May Help which supports people with overcoming a range of health and wellbeing issues. For people who cannot easily access Hampshire Libraries there are various schemes to help reduce social isolation; The Good Neighbour Scheme, Home Library Service and Library Clubs .

Below shows a strategy created that allows us to share and celebrate what we already do as a service, the strategy was linked to Hampshire’s Public Health ‘Towards a healthier Hampshire’.

2 thoughts on “Health and Wellbeing”

  1. I thought this was a really positive initiative andI support anything that encourages all to engage in occupations/activities. I am a paediatric Occupational Therapist and my role is to enable children and young people to engage in activity so that they are able to socially participate in the things that they need or want to do.

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment that is great to hear. We are always interested in receiving any suggestions to help us enable children and young people to engage in activities, any thoughts on this would be very appreciated. Katie, Hampshire Libraries

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