Your free newspapers from Hampshire Libraries

The PressDisplay app is becoming PressReader – and it’s getting better too.

Members of Hampshire Libraries can download the PressReader app or use a library pc in a Hampshire Library or Discovery Centre – free. This gives access to thousands of newspapers and magazines from around the world – all free.

Read newspapers securely online, anytime, anywhere.

Log into the PressReader website through a browser on any device, using your library card number, to activate 3 days of complementary access to browse or read newspapers online. You can download newspapers when connected to the wifi in any Hampshire Library Branch.

Download newspapers to read offline anytime, anywhere.

Add an email address and password to your account once logged into the PressReader website, then use this sign into the PressReader app on any mobile device to have 3 days of complementary access to download and read offline remotely.

Activate complementary access every 3 days, anywhere.

At the end of the 3 days, simply enter your library card number again to re-activate your complementary access for another 3 days.

When you access the PressReader app using library WiFi, you will see a welcome, saying you are in a Hotspot where you can read and download for free (look for the green coffee cup):

Press Reader

You can select newspapers and magazines by country of origin:

You can select by newspapers and magazines by subject category:

You can select newspapers and magazines by language:

You can download newspapers and magazines and read anywhere:

Articles and pages can be printed and for many of the newspapers and magazines, you can listen to articles being narrated:

Check out PressReader now

2 thoughts on “Your free newspapers from Hampshire Libraries”

  1. The PressReader App has a breathtaking range of newspapers and magazines both UK and global. It is a real joy to keep in touch, expand our horizons through exploring and thoroughly enjoying ourselves for us avid readers. Thank you Hampshire Library service. You rock! 🙂


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