Free Week: Half-Term at The Makery

It’s half-term in Hampshire schools and the Fareham and Fleet Makery spaces are full of free and fun sessions and workshops between 10 and 17 February.


If you haven’t visited yet, The Makery is a flexible digital space full of kit to explore coding, electronics and the world of micro computers, 3D printing, and more! We’ve packed the spaces with a selection of Apple iPads, Lego Robotics, Raspberry Pi and Crumble kits, plus Apple iMacs for 3D printing.

Free Week…Coming to A Makery Near You!

The Fareham Makery will be hosting free events from Saturday 10th to Wednesday 14th February,  Fleet Makery for the 14th to Saturday 17th February. These free sessions are the perfect opportunity to sample some of the classes and workshops that are offered at The Makery throughout the year.

Get started with our Free Open Membership Drop-Ins – a great chance for anyone to come along and have a play with the kit available,

A fun family session designing and creating a Crumble gadget with your child. Be inventive by making your gadget out of recycled materials and then learn how to use Crumble electronics to bring your gadget to life. Check out our video from our last Crumble session to see the variety of gadgets that you can create.

Get the digital music bug in a Garage Band session, get started with fun mixing and music-making with Apple’s free App.

In the starter 3D Print Design Sessions  we will be designing items to be printed on a 3D printer. (If you wish to print any of your item(s) this will cost a small fee.)

Learn how to program your own Lego EV3 Robot with our amazing  Lego Robotics sessions for ages 8-13. Add to a part built robot and write code on our iPads to use the different sensors to plot a course or perform different commands.

Find out more about Virtual Reality  – Explore Everest, walk over the globe with Google Maps, play games and visit environments you can only imagine.

Join in our Raspberry Pi Sessions and explore the world of micro computing and coding. Use Raspberry Pi computers and coding software to program external components – create unique sequences and look at how to code games.

Our Digital Storytelling sessions are a chance to design and create either a comic book page or animation of a simple story using a range of programs and apps and learn to interact with the digital world in a creative way encouraging the safe use of electronic devices. A great way to encourage a child to be more enthusiastic about reading and storytelling.

Here’s the full timetable for the week:

Free Sessions


Fareham Makery

Book your free tickets by calling 01329 284902 or by visiting Fareham Library. Visit the Fareham Makery events page to find out more!

Fleet Makery

Book your free tickets by calling 01252 612709 or by visiting Fleet Library. Visit the Fleet Makery events page to find out more!

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