Audiobook month!

June is Audiobook Month!

We love books! Reading them, holding them, smelling them – we just love books! But like many others in the 21st Century we sometimes struggle to find the time to sit down with a book. There are just too many things that needs doing; housework, homework, walking the dog, taking the kids to swimming or football, cooking – the list goes on!

But don’t despair! We have found the solution; audiobooks!
These books on tapes, CDs, playaways and downloadable files are the answer to every busy booklover’s book-despair.
Through the Libby app you can download eAudiobooks straight to your phone, tablet or memory stick to enjoy on your way to work, while taking the dog for a walk or any time you want to read a book but adulthood is getting in the way.

From libraries you can borrow audiobooks on cassette, CDs, MP3 CDs or playaways – brilliant to use while doing housework or even on those long car journeys with the family.

There are audiobooks for everyone and there is so much choice!

There are so many different ways to listen to audiobooks; cassettes, CDs, MP3 CDs that you can put into a CD player or computer to listen to.

Playaways where all you need is an AAA battery and headphones and you’re good to go – the playaway is even small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, in your pocket or bag.

And the downloadable eAudiobooks from Libby, that you can download straight into your phone and bring with you wherever you go.

All these different formats mean audiobooks are available to an even greater audience then it ever has been. From young children to elderly, from busy parents to not-as-busy-but-still-busy adults – there is something for everyone!

Not only do we have a wide range of audiobooks, eAudiobooks are free to download through the Libby app – and Libby is also free from the app store!
Children’s audiobooks, in all formats, are completely free for everyone and are brilliant on those long car journeys.

We have audiobooks on CD, cassettes, MP3 CDs and playaways  that you borrow from the library for £1.25 and you can borrow them for 4 weeks! And there are hundreds of titles to choose from.

If you, like us, tend to go through quite few audiobooks every month, then the annual audiobook membership is for you! It’s £20 for a year, and you can take out an unlimited number of audiobooks in a year, and a maximum of 5 audiobooks at a time.
Check out this link for more details, or nip into your local library for more information:

Are you more of a magazine or newspaper kind of person? Then you might be interested in one of our other great audio service available from libraries in Hampshire; National Talking Newspapers and Magazines!
This service is available for anyone that struggle reading printed text and all that one need to do is bring a USB stick into a Hampshire Library and us which of the 90+ titles you would like to have and it will be added to the memory stick for you to enjoy at home. It’s another amazing free service offered in libraries.

We just love audiobooks, and we want to share it with you! Before we go, here are three great audiobooks that we have listened to and enjoyed:

The Holocaust, A New History by Laurence Rees

and read by Jonathan Keeble



We know, we know – a very heavy subject, but it’s written incredibly well and is read equally well. This has become one of the best audibooks we’ve read this year.
Written in a very clear, straight forward way, Laurence Rees tries to answer two fundamental questions in history – how, and why, did the Holocaust happen.

The Carpet People by Terry Pratchett and read by Richard Mitchley


We really enjoyed this short book by Terry Pratchett, the way everyday items is described from the point of view of small beings living in our world is not only interesting and funny but done very well too.

This children’s book is about small beings called carpet people, that lives in a carpet and their journey as the world, as they know it, starts to change.

The Paris Architect by Charles Belfoure and read by Mark Bramhall


We stumbled across this novel by chance while browsing Libby. While the cover was eye-catching and intriguing the blurb almost put us off, but we decided to give it a go – and boy are we glad we did! It’s sad yet heart-warming, captivating story that will leave you sat on the edge of your seat. With some true facts thrown in, this book transports you to the 1940’s

If you haven’t yet tried audiobooks why not let June be the month when you give it a go?


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