National Wildlife Day

Today (Tuesday 4 September) is National Wildlife Day!

Why not use this day to explore the world around you? Or use it as inspiration and start planning to explore! We have listed some books below that should inspire you.

Don’t forget we have plenty more non-fiction books, follow the link here to explore.

Handmade bird, bee and bat houses: 25 beautiful homes, feeders and more to attract wildlife into your garden, Orsini-McKee

Build and craft 25 beautiful small homes and feeders to attract wildlife to your garden. Handmade Bird, Bee, and Bat Houses features homes to build for everything from bees to bats, and bluebirds to butterflies. Each house is beautifully designed, with colourful details, but is also perfectly adapted for its intended inhabitants. There are birdhouses you can hang up or place on stands, a bee house you can “plant” in your flowerbed, and there’s even a home for a toad. There are also feeders for birds and butterflies, and homes for ladybirds.

Gardening for wildlife: a complete guide to nature-friendly gardening, Adrian Thomas

There is something uplifting about having butterflies in your flowerbeds, frogs in your water feature and birds in your bushes, and knowing they’re there because of you. Rich in detail and accessible in style, Gardening for Wildlife is the crucial companion to novices and expert gardeners alike. Adrian Thomas dispels myths and offers new insights and ideas, helping everyone understand what to do so gardens, large or small, can become ideal homes for wildlife. Building on the success of the award-winning first edition, this expanded and updated edition reflects the latest research and developments in nature-friendly gardening.

A nature walk on the beach, Louise and Richard Spilsbury

What can you spot on a nature walk? This new series encourages readers to look carefully at diverse natural environments, from the beach to the city, a farm to the woods. Each title introduces clues such as birds nests, burrows and footprints that gradually reveal the wildlife in each habitat.

A journey through nature, Steve Parker

Take a journey from your doorstep to distant lands. See a pond frog catching flies, a bear leaving its woodland den, and elephants grazing the African grasslands, as this delightful visual safari transports you through the varied habitats of the planet. Packed with lively illustrations to reveal our amazing natural world, this delightful factual picture book is perfect for a parent and child to read together or to explore independently.

The blackbird diaries: a year with wildlife, Karen Llyod

‘The Blackbird Diaries’ chronicles a year of observing garden wildlife, alongside the species and landscapes of the author’s daily walks in the limestone hills and valleys of Cumbria’s South Lakeland.

Ned the nature nut’s nutty nature facts and jokes, Andy Seed

This nutty, nature joke book is full of side-splittingly hilarious jokes and fascinating facts based on nature. Full of green-fingered giggles and wildlife witticisms, as well as incredible facts about nature, Ned the Nature Nut will turn you into a nature nut too!

The countryside book: 101 ways to relax, play watch wildlife and have adventures in the countryside, Tessa Wardley

Britain’s countryside offers a host of varied habitats for the walker, the amateur naturalist and the family in search of entertainment for children. This brand new collection of reflections on and activities to do in the countryside from an author passionate about reconnecting both children and adults with nature offers ideas for a range of activities all of which will enhance the reader’s enjoyment of and engagement with, the natural world. You’ll learn how to watch mad’ March hares – and whether their boxing matches are for real. You’ll discover the best places to see butterflies and how to encourage them in your own garden.

A first book of nature, Nicola Davies

An exquisite book that evokes a child’s first experience of nature. From beachcombing to stargazing, from watching squirrels, ducks and worms to making berry crumble or a winter bird feast, this is a remarkable book – part poetry, part scrapbook of recipes, facts and fragments – and a glorious reminder that the natural world is on our doorstep waiting to be discovered.

Chris Packham’s wild side of town: getting to know the wildlife in our towns and cities, Chris Packham

It is an educational and striking guide to the full range of wildlife that can be found in all manner of urban habitats in our towns and cities. Increasingly, wildlife is finding a home in our built-up, concrete and noisy cities. Urban sites such as canals, disused railway embankments, reservoirs, rubbish tips and inner-city gardens are becoming popular abodes for a huge number of species.

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