Non-Fiction November

This month is National Non-Fiction November, celebrating all the amazing non-fictional books there is! Join in the celebration and start reading or exploring new non-fiction books today.

100 things to know about numbers, computers & coding 

When was the webcam invented and why? Do imaginary numbers exist? What is fuzzy logic? Find the answers these questions about the amazing world of numbers, computers and coding, along with loads of other curious, amazing and mind-boggling facts, in this eye-catching book that is absolutely bursting with information.


All About Families by Felicity Brooks

Families come in all shapes and sizes and from all sorts of backgrounds. They speak various languages, eat different sorts of food, live in different kinds of homes and celebrate special occasions in a variety of ways. This book lets children explore questions such as ‘What is a family?’, ‘What different sorts of families are there?’ and more.


Beano Ultimate Joke Book

From rib-tickling knock-knock jokes to hysterical Doctor, Doctor gags and everything in between, this book has a joke for every occasion. As well as the side-splitting jokes, split into handy categories, this volume contains the secrets to becoming a top comedian. With lessons from the Beano Joke Academy, budding comedians can learn how to create their own comic persona, deliver one-liners and even write their own gags.


10 ideas that changed the world by Cath Senker

From the invention of the wheel and the printing press to the development of anaesthetics and gunpowder, some things throughout the centuries have had a profound effect on world history. This book takes a closer look at 10 of those and considers their influence and how they have changed the world.


Deepcover spies and doublecrossers of the Cold War by Rebecca Langston-George

Welcome to a world of intrigue, danger and deception: the world of spies! Meet famous spies who infiltrated enemy lines, dove deep undercover and risked their lives for home and country. Learn about spy techniques of the past and present and find out what it takes to be an agent in the clandestine services.


A kid in my class by Rachel Rooney

‘He’s not scared of nothing. Nobody. Never. Nah. Which means that he is. Tough Kid. Not tough enough. I know – I once met his dad.’ They’re all here – every kid in the class has their own poem. The pushy one, the shy one. The whizz kid and the daydreamer. The best friender and the kid who runs in his wheelchair. The tough kid, the poet. And not forgetting the class hamster.


Who are refugees and migrants? : what makes people leave their homes? and other big questions by Michael Rosen and Annemarie Young

What does it mean for people to have to leave their homes, and what happens when they seek entry to another country? This book explores the history of refugees and migration around the world and the effects on people of never-ending war and conflict. It compares the effects on society of diversity and interculturalism with historical attempts to create a racially ‘pure’ culture.



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