We’re excited to announce the upcoming arrival of BorrowBox, a new eBook and eAudiobook service for every Hampshire Libraries user!

From 27 November, our service provider of eBooks and eAudiobooks will be change from OverDrive to Bolinda Digital. This means that the app you use for digital reading and listening will switch from Libby to BorrowBox.


BorrowBox offers a wide variety of popular stock, prompt U.K.-based customer support, and a colourful, user-friendly app. It is free for any Hampshire Libraries member to use; you’ll have an entire online library right at your fingertips.

eBook and eAudiobook users who are switching over from OverDrive will find a brand-new library in the BorrowBox app – once you sign up, you’ll be greeted by a fresh selection of material! While you can expect to see some popular titles ported from OverDrive, one of the great things about BorrowBox is the new and relevant stock that it can bring to you.

This changeover is also an excellent opportunity for new users to explore the convenience and accessibility of eBooks and eAudiobooks. Whether you’re a commuter, a student, or maybe someone who wants to read more but never has a book on hand, you can give BorrowBox a try on your mobile device.

If you already use the Libby app from OverDrive, then you should be aware that this service will no longer be available effective on the launch date. This includes any checked-out titles, and any waiting lists.

BorrowBox is easy to use and stocked with exciting titles – we’re certain there’s something for everyone. Plus, we’re committed to purchasing more titles in response to changes in demand; so there’s always more to come!

You can download BorrowBox when it goes live for our service on 27 November. Happy browsing!

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  1. I brought my wife a kobo reader to take on holiday and read/borrow books while away and save her taking multiple books on holiday, and if she finished books allowed her to return and borrow more.
    With overdrive this was fine but with borrowbox to do this I would now need to take a PC/laptop on holiday, not to mention for home use to use the kobo I have to go to seperate room, turn on a computer and transfer the file just to read a book.

    I do not see in any way how this could be deemed progress and has effectively made my thoughtful gift useless.

    Bring back overdrive.

    1. Thank you for your comments. We’re sorry to hear about the situation with your Kobo e-reader. As BorrowBox does not have the same level of integration, ADE is necessary in order to use BorrowBox on your Kobo. In layman’s terms, Overdrive and Kobo are owned by the same company which enabled them to integrate these two, and that’s why you have to use Adobe Digital Editions to use BorrowBox.
      Please accept our sincerest apologies for the issue that this service change has caused you in that regard. I do want you to know that we have flagged this with BorrowBox on behalf of our users who are in this circumstance.

  2. I have only now realised why Libby was not working from Spain last week (only use it on holidays as I prefer physical books normally). My word, Hampshire Library Services have upset a lot of you, and quite justifiably it would seem. I wonder if Karen who has the unhappy job of answering these posts would like to reply to my two questions, and hopefully this time without sloping shoulders to the BorrowBox support team.
    Firstly I would like to ask if Hampshire Library Services has done anything to ensure better communication next time they need to change supplier, such as for instance having their own list of emails of all their BorrowBox customers, and also better planning the switchover so as to give us all say three months notice.
    Secondly I would like to ask what investigation was done into the comparative merits of the user interface provided by competing suppliers, and what weight was given to ease of use, platform compatibility and feature richness when choosing BorrowBox. Based on the posts I have seen here it rather looks like any investigation was poorly done, or the quality of the product ranked very low when balanced against other considerations such as cost.

    1. Thank you for your questions. Sorry that you were not made aware of the change from Libby to BorrowBox in November 2018, we were able to email over 250,000 of our borrowers regarding this change and we also had notices up in the libraries. That said, it was a lengthy process to reach all of our customers, and we recognise that this may have caused an inconvenience for some people. We have acknowledged this, and will work to improve our methods of communication going forward. We apologies if you did not receive an email at the end of November regarding this change.
      The decision to move to BorrowBox was made as Bolinda presented the best tender with a good service, app, stock provision and promotional materials. BorrowBox (Bolinda) allows us to focus on the quantity and quality of the titles offer; additionally, it gives us the opportunity to add to our stock frequently as time goes on, so it is not stagnant. We now have more eBooks and eAudiobooks then we had on Libby and we’re regularly adding more.
      We’re aware that there were some missing features for android users at first, but we’re happy to report that this has sense been fixed.

      Thank you for your feedback, and we hope that you’ll be able to enjoy eBooks on BorrowBox whilst on your holiday.


      1. Karin, thank you for your considered reply. I would just like to finish by asking how I make sure my email address and my wife’s get added to Hampshire Libraries mailing list?

      2. Hi,
        To be added to the mailing list head over to our website,, and scroll down to the bottom. Once there you will see a large orange box with a letter and to the right it sais “Keep in touch”. Just to the right of this orange box you will have a smaller box in which to input your email address.
        Hope that helps.


  3. Have ALL UK Libraries switched from Overdrive? I have just bought a Kobo eReader because they said I could download books from UK libraries. If they have not, can I register with a non-Hampshire library or have I just wasted £150?

    1. Thank you for your question, I can’t speak for other libraries in the UK, I would suggest contacting them individually with your questions.

  4. Overdrive is a much better system as I download books to my Kobo reader without a laptop or a PC. I am really dissapointed you have moved to Borrowbox and despite all the stock advantages etc. it is not my prefered system. My parents don’t have a pc and so they can no longer read books on their Kobo devices. A waste of money! Other readers are not an alternative as Borrow box doesn’t work with Kindle and Kindle Fires do not use e-ink technology.

    1. Thank you for your feedback regarding the move from Overdrive to BorrowBox two years ago,
      I will pass your feedback to the team.
      Regarding Kindles, these are locked by Amazon to only work with US libraries. That said, if a Kindle device is able to access the internet, you should be able to download the BorrowBox app and use it.


  5. Hi. In the last comment you mentioned the kindle can be used to download the borrow box app. I have tried this but it doesn’t work. Can you recommend an e-reader that could be used with BorrowBox. I love the app and have been using it on my phone but would prefer an e-reader. Many thanks.

    1. Hi, thank you for your question. Unfortunately, it is only a Kindle Fire that works for BorrowBox through downloading the app, and Amazon doesn’t allow this on other Kindle eReaders due to wanting purchases directly from Amazon. We would recommend contacting BorrowBox at

    1. Hi Phillip, thank you for your comment. If you are experiencing slowness on BorrowBox, please contact BorrowBox at, along with your library card number, and they should be able to provide assistance.

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