BorrowBox FAQ

Q: Will this replace Libby/OverDrive for ebooks and audiobooks?

A: Yes.


Q: Will BorrowBox replace RBdigital for emagazines?

A: No


Q: When can I start using BorrowBox?

A: 27 November


Q: Will I be able to keep using Libby after 27 November?

A: Not with your Hampshire Library card.


Q: Will my holds be carried over to BorrowBox?

A: Sadly no, we tried to have them carried over, but it was not possible.


Q: Will you be emailing all library card holders with this news?

A: Yes, an email has gone out to all library users.


Q: If you are part way through a book on Libby, will you be able to finish it after the switch over?

A: If the eBook or eAudiobook is available on BorrowBox then yes, but you will have to re-download it. Loans on Libby will not be carried over to BorrowBox.


Q: What devices can you use with BorrowBox?

A: iOS and android devices, tablets and phones, as well as KindleFire.


Q: Will this work for older versions of Windows?

A: The BorrowBox website is compatible with all versions of Windows on a PC. The BorrowBox App is not Windows compatible, as there is not a large demand for this, the majority of users are using an Android or iOS device, or will use the website on their Windows PC.


Q: Does BorrowBox work on iPads that have Op System 9?

A: Yes, the BorrowBox App is currently compatible with iOS 6 and above, as well as Android 4.1 and above.


Q: Will it work on a kobo?

A: Yes.


Q: What are the advantages of swapping from OverDrive and Libby to BorrowBox?

A: BorrowBox offers a wide variety of popular stock, prompt U.K.-based customer support, and a colourful, user-friendly app.

10 thoughts on “BorrowBox FAQ”

  1. Will BorrowBox be available through the Amazon app store? My Fire HD tablet does not have access to the Google app store

    1. On an Amazon Kindle Fire you will need to download the BorrowBox app directly from their website rather than from the Kindle store. Please follow this link to do so:

      1. Download and install the BorrowBox app , and when the download is complete, click ‘Open.’
      2. When the BorrowBox app opens, type ‘Hampshire Libraries’ in the search bar and select it.
      3. Enter your library borrower number and PIN number
      4. Register an account with an email address and display name
      5. Agree to the terms and conditions

      Hampshire Libraries BorrowBox service will now be available to use.
      If you continue to experience technical troubles with your Kindle Fire after ensuring that you have followed these instructions, then please send an email to for further guidance.

    1. That’s very odd, have you tried restarting the app? Sometimes restarting the device will also help if an app freezes.
      If you’re still having problems after restarting, please send an email to and they will be able to help further.

    1. Thank you for your question,
      Unfortunately the Kindle Paperwhite is locked by Amazon to only work for Audible and US libraries.

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