Adoption and Fostering

Adoption and fostering can be difficult subjects for young children to understand.  Sharing stories about other families in similar situations can put a child’s mind at ease and encourage discussions.  Stories may make difficult transitions easier to cope with and to understand.

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Flora’s Family
by Annette Aubrey

Rhyming book were Flora finds out she is adopted and her parents explain what that means. Useful notes for parents / carers at the back.
Age: 4+

The Most Precious Present in the World
by Becky Edwards and Louise Comfort

Mia wants to know why she looks different to her adoptive parents and why her birth parents didn’t want her. A charming and comforting book.
Age: 4+

Zoo Girl
by Rebecca Elliott

A book with very few words, but the words and illustrations work to show how the child is feeling. Quite powerful but could be difficult to share. Would certainly promote discussion.
Age: 5+

Welcome to the Family
by Mary Hoffman and Ros Asquith

A charming and informative book that explores the many different ways a new baby might join your family, including adoption and fostering.  Also looks at different types of families.
Age: 4+

Families, Families, Families!
by Suzanne Lang and Max Lang

This book introduces a whole host of silly animal families, who all carry the same message.  It doesn’t matter how your family is made up – if you love each other, then you are a family.
Age: 3+

Scarlet Ibis
by Gill Lewis

After a fire in their flat caused by their mother smoking, Scarlet and her autistic brother are sent to different foster homes. This is the story of Scarlet fighting to keep her family together.
Ages 10+

Tom and the Tree House
by Joan Lingard

Tom has always liked being adopted, but when he finds out his mum is expecting a baby, he starts to worry his parents will love the new baby more than him. Tom decides he needs to find a place that truly belongs to him.
Age: 7+

Dad David, Baba Chris and Me
by Ed Merchant

Ben’s two dads adopted him when he was four. This story encourages an understanding and appreciation of same-sex parents, as well as looking at the different sorts of families that there can be.
Age: 4+

Useful Organisations

Support and information for parents who are adopting or have already adopted.
Information about your rights as a parents, child benefits and other useful information regarding finance.

Adoption South:
Advice, information and support for both parents and children; both during and after adoption.

Adoption UK:
Providing an online forum, support groups, family days and training for parents.

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