Bumps, Birth and Babies

The prospect of a new baby can trigger all sorts of feelings and questions from young children. And the arrival of a new baby means all sorts of adjustments for everyone in the family, especially for big brothers and sisters. 
Sharing stories about babies, births and living with a new baby can put a child’s mind at ease and make the experience easier to cope with.

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Albert and Little Henry
by Jez Alborough

Albert was not a puppy any more.  Albert was a big dog. But when his baby brother, Henry, came along something very strange happened.  He started to feel small.
Age: 3+

There’s a House Inside My Mummy
by Giles Andreae and Vanessa Cabban

A story about a little boy’s wait for his new baby. The author gives us a child’s-eye view of this important period in a family’s life, which will touch parent and child alike.
Age: 3+

Aren’t You Lucky!
by Catherine and Laurence Anholt

A toddler is not convinced that she is lucky to have a baby brother, until he is old enough for her to help. Lots of familiar situations to talk about.
Age: 4+

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Sophie and the New Baby
by Catherine and Laurence Anholt

Sophie loves the new baby – at first. But it comes as a big shock when she finds out it’s staying for good. A gentle story, useful in that the time factor is well illustrated.
Age: 5+

My Baby Sister
by Emma Chichester Clark

Humber has to adjust to a new baby sister who takes Mum’s attention. A comforting story of a toddler adjusting to a new baby, featuring a familiar picture book character.
Age: 2+

When I First Met You, Blue Kangaroo!
by Emma Chichester Clark

Lily finds it’s not easy learning new things and looking after someone who is very small – like her new baby brother and Blue Kangaroo.
Age: 4+

Mummy Laid an Egg!
by Babette Cole

This is not a serious look at birth but an amusing, tongue-in-cheek treatment for older children.  Pictures may be a bit graphic for some tastes.
Age: 6+

Za-Za’s Baby Brother
Lucy Cousins

Za-Za feels left out when the new baby arrives but when he’s the only one she can cuddle she finds he’s not so bad after all. A warm brightly illustrated book.
Age: 2+

Where Do Babies Come From?
by Katie Daynes and Christine Pym

There is a lot of information about birth and reproduction in this ‘lift the flap’ book. As well as human beings, it covers several animals, birds and insects. Definitely one for adults to share with their children.
Age: 3+

Billy and Belle
by Sarah Garland

When the day comes for Billy and Belle’s mum to have her new baby, Belle is allowed to go to school with Billy. Everything goes according to plan until Belle gets into a spot of bother with her pet spider.
Age: 3+

Baby on Board
by Kes Gray and Sarah Nayler

A very funny look at pregnancy for older children, presented in a cartoon picture book style. Deals with the facts about the growing embryo as well as the impact on family life.
Age: 5+

A new baby!
by Roderick Hunt

Kipper helps his friend to get ready for the arrival of a new baby in his family. When the baby arrives early Sam and his little brother Leo stay with Kipper and prepare to welcome the new baby home into their family.
Age: 4+

Katie Morag and the Tiresome Ted
by Mairi Hedderwick

Katie Morag is very put out by the arrival of her new baby sister.  She gets so cross she kicks her teddy into the sea.  This book includes an illustration of breast feeding.
Age: 4+

The Bump
by Mij Kelly and Nicholas Allan

A lovely look back at how ‘you’ came to be, told with some nice repeated phrases and ideas.
Age: 3+

We’re Having a Super Baby
by Abi Longstaff and Jane Massey

When Mummy and Daddy told me I was going to be a big brother I knew that the baby was going to be special – I just had to wait.  A warm and funny book to share.
Age: 3+

15 things NOT to do with a baby
by Margaret McAllister and Holly Sterling

Congratulations, you have a new baby in your family. This books includes some humorous tips for a happy life with your newest family member.
Age: 4+

The Smile
by Michelle Magorian and Sam Usher

Josh hates the new house, the terrible wallpaper in his new bedroom and, most of all, his new baby brother. Mum and Dad don’t seem to have any time for him. Will Josh ever feel part of the family again?
Age: 5+

Hello Baby
by Jenni Overend and Julie Vivas

The whole family gather and help as Jack’s baby brother is born in their front room. An unusual description of birth that is both realistic and tender. This book could prepare a child who may take part in such an experience, but its graphic pictures make it a book to share with an adult for reassurance and explanation.
Age: 3+

Izzie’s Idea
by Jillian Powell and Leonie Shearing

When Izzie’s baby brother Ben arrives home he takes up everyone’s time with feeding and changing and bathing. When Ben cries and cries, Izzie solves the problem with smiles all around.
Age: 5+

Image result for How big is our baby? / Smriti Prasadam-Halls, Britta Teckentrup.

How big is our baby?
by Smriti Prasadam-Halls

When a new baby is on the way, siblings-to-be have lots of feelings and plenty of questions. But whether they’re impatient, curious or a little worried, this friendly and reassuring guide explains each step of the pregnancy journey and helps little ones feel involved and excited. With a month-by-month approach that compares the size of the growing baby to something familiar to the young reader, such as a speck of sand at the seaside or an egg, readers also find out about how the baby is developing, from when the heart might first beat to when they’ll be able to feel it kick. The book also includes information about how life might change once the baby arrives, and how exciting it will be to have a new baby brother or sister.
Age: 4+

Mummy, Mummy, What’s In Your Tummy?
by Sarah Simpson-Enock and Linzi West

What is inside Mummy, making her tummy so big? Could it be a round, red balloon? Is there enough room? After lots of guesses the children get to meet their new baby. No ‘technical’ information here, just lots of fun.
Age: 2+

The New Baby
by Lisa Stickley

Lisa Stickley’s third children’s book is all about the first year in the life of a baby, as told by his big sister. From first arriving home to sitting up and crawling, it is a voyage of discovery, full of fun, wonder, and beautiful observation.
Age: 5+

Useful Organisation

Advice, help and support for parents and carers on how to cope with a crying baby.

National Childbirth Trust:
Offers support in pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood

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