Body Image

Sometimes children are uncomfortable with or worry about the way they look, or the way other people see them, and as a result lose confidence. Sharing stories about children with similar feelings can put a child’s mind at ease and make the experience easier to cope with.

by Jez Alborough

Everyone is taller than Bobo so he climbs onto other animals in an effort to be the tallest.  When he slips and falls he decides he happy to be small after all.
Age: 2+

Cinderella’s Bum
by Nicholas Allan

This very funny book finds uses for every size and shape of bottom. Although written in a humorous style it has a serious message about being content with your body, whatever its size or shape.
Age: 6+

Willy the Wimp
by Anthony Browne

In this charming book Willy is bullied because of the way he looks. It stresses that your appearance does not necessarily reflect the person you are.
Age: 5+

Image result for I'm a girl!

I’m a Girl!
by Yasmeen Ismail

The girl in this book is spontaneous, fast, strong and loud and is forever getting mistaken for a boy.  Who says pink is for girls and blue is for boys?
Age: 3+

Jungle Grumble
by Julia Jarman and Lynne Chapman Parr

The animals in the jungle all have bits of their bodies they don’t like, so Lion sets up a Swap Shop.  The animals rush to change the way they look, but it doesn’t make them happy.
Age: 4+

Giraffe Problems
by John Jory

A giraffe and a tortoise who both wish their body shape was different. This is great fun as they come to terms with what they have.
Age 6+

Image result for The yoga ogre

The Yoga Ogre
by Peter Bently and Simon Rickerty

An amusing picture book which encourages children to look after their bodies and find a sport that suits them.
Age: 4+

Tall Tilly
by Jillian Powell and Tim Archbold

Tilly is very tall.  She’s too tall for her bed and taller than all her friends.  She wishes she was smaller, but then her teacher has an idea.
Age: 5+

I Want To Be Tall
by Tony Ross

A good fun story about getting frustrated because you are too small … until baby cousin comes to visit, who is even smaller!
Age: 3+

Image result for You're not ugly, duckling!

You’re Not Ugly, Duckling!
by Steve Smallman and Neil Price

Tufty doesn’t look like the other ducklings and everyone makes fun of him.
Age: 3+

Image result for Slug needs a hug!

Slug Needs a Hug!
by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross

Slug is worried because his mummy doesn’t give him hugs.  He thinks he needs to make himself look more attractive.  He asks other animals to suggest ways he could improve his appearance.  Eventually he finds out the real reason mummy doesn’t give hugs and that she is very good at giving kisses.
Age: 4+

by Sheryl Webster and Jan Fearnley

Tinysaurus is desperate to be bigger.  He wants to do all the things his big sister can do.  He especially wants to be big enough to look after the eggs that mum has laid.  When a hungry Nastysaurus tries to steal the eggs, Tinysaurus discovers that being small can be a good thing.
Age: 3+

Useful Organisations

Mental Health Foundation:
Giving support, information and help about mental health for children.

Action for Children:
Help and information to spot signs and behaviours that could point to needing more support in regards to mental health.

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