Being bullied can be a confusing and scary experience. Sharing stories about similar situations can put a child’s mind at ease and help them find strategies and courage to deal with the bully.

Topsy and Tim Help a Friend
by Jean and Gareth Adamson

Stevie Dunton is unhappy at school because some of the children are picking on him.  Topsy and Tim speak to some grown-ups to help make the situation better.
Age: 4+

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Lucy and the Bully
by Claire Alexander

Lucy the goat kid is bullied at nursery by Tommy the calf. All is sorted out and Tommy says sorry and Lucy forgives him. A reassuring tale to encourage children to tell their parents if they are bullied.
Age: 3+

The hide and scare bear
by Ivan Bates

There once lived a naughty and mischievous bear who liked playing a game he called Hide and Scare. Then along came Rabbit, who offered advice a short rabbit lesson on how to be nice. But can a little rabbit show a big bear that there is a kinder way to play?
Age: 3+

Willy the Wimp
by Anthony Browne

Willy tries to change himself because he is teased for being a wimp. He commits a brave act but, in the end, is the same lovable Willy.
Age: 5+

The Angel of Nitshill Road
by Anne Fine

Amusing story about bullying at school. Outcome is assisted by magical means which lessens its usefulness.
Age: 8+

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Leave Me Alone
by Kes Gray and Lee Wildish

With the help of some animal friends a small boy finds the strength to stand up to a giant bully who has been making him miserable.
Age: 4+

Lion vs Rabbit
by Alex Latimer

A nice story with good illustrations about getting the better of a bully.
Age: 4+

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Dealing With Bullying
by Jane Lacey and illustrated by Venitia Dean
Age range: 7+

This book teaches readers how to deal with bullies and make sure they don’t give in to peer pressure to bully others. It features seven stories from children who have a range of bullying problems from a girl who is being left out by her friends to a boy bullied for the way he speaks. It features both verbal and physical bullying. The stories help readers understand and empathise with characters, while also offering practical advice that readers can use in their everyday lives. The end of the book features a short playscript to act out and discuss.

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Accidental Trouble Magnet: (Planet Omar)
by Zanib Mian and illustrated by Nasaya Mafaridik
Age range: 6+

Planet Omar is a book about being different, growing friendships and overcoming hurdles.
Omar has just moved into a new house with his family: sticky-fingered little brother Esa, snooty older sister Maryam and his scientist parents. Going to a new school turns out to be okay, apart from the fact that class bully Daniel tells Omar that because he’s a Muslim, he’s going to be kicked out of the country and will have to go and live in Pakistan. Understandably worried, Omar asks his cousin if that’s true, and both hope it isn’t, because there’s a distinct lack of good pizza there. Plus, there’s mean Mrs Rogers next door who complains loudly about Omar’s mum frying onions.
Yet when mean Mrs Rogers has an accident, Omar’s family is there to help. And when Omar and bully Daniel get stranded on a school trip in London, Omar realises that Danny isn’t so tough after all…

Ben the Bully
by Maggie Moore and Jan Smith

Ben was a mean bully.  Nobody wanted to be his friend.  Then little Joe decides he will play football with Ben and things start to change.
Age: 5+

Mud boy: a story about bullying
by Sarah Siggs

This illustrated story is designed to be read with children aged 5+ who have experienced or seen bullying or teasing. Sam’s story gently evokes how it feels to be bullied and shows how talking to other people helps. It is a great discussion starter for kids and adults, and empowers children to see how they can change things for the better.
Age: 5+

Bad Girls
by Jacqueline Wilson and Nick Sharratt

A number of issues, including bullying, are tackled in this author’s usual humorous style as Mandy finds herself befriended by a girl who fails to meet her parents’ approval.
Age: 8+

Monster Eyeballs
by Jacqueline Wilson and Stephen Lewis

Mark is the class bully.  He loves scaring everyone, but has he met his match with Kate and the Monster Eyeballs?
Age: 5+

Useful Organisations

National charity helping to prevent bullying and child abuse

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