Joining a nursery, playgroup or other pre-school setting is often a young child’s first big ‘solo’ adventure, just like that first time they’re alone with a babysitter – no matter if it’s Grampa, Auntie or someone new. Most children will look forward to the experience, but some will find it worrying.
Sharing a book about other children’s experiences can help to make things less worrying and get them excited about making new friends and having new adventures.

Going to Nursery
by Catherine and Laurence Anholt

On Anna’s first day she meets Tom and they discover what fun it is at nursery. Clear pictures, simple text and full description of the variety of the nursery day.
NB: Also published as Going to Playgroup.
Age: 3+

Maisy Goes to Nursery
by Lucy Cousins

Maisy loves going to nursery.  Follow her through her busy day.
Age: 3+

Goat Goes to Playgroup
by Julia Donaldson and Nick Sharratt

Follow Goat and his friends through their busy day at playgroup. It sounds chaotic, but everything works out in the
Age: 2+

The Babysitter
by Vivian French and Sue Heap

Mum and dad are going out for the evening and a new babysitter is coming round.
Age: 3+

Going to Playschool
by Sarah Garland

A well illustrated account of a typical day at playschool.
Age: 2+

My Mum Goes to Work
by Kes Gray and David Milgrim

This book reassures both parent and child that all is well when a parent goes to work, an issue that faces many working parents.
Age: 3+

Martha, No!
by Edward Hardy and Deborah Allwright

A little girl runs her new childminder ragged with her antics.
Age: 3+

Who Will Sing My Puff-a-bye
by Charlotte Hudson and Mary McQuillan

Crossfire’s mummy has got a job, so Crossfire has a dragon au pair to look after him, and finds that change can be fun.
Age: 3+

An Evening at Alfie’s
by Shirley Hughes

Alfie likes his babysitter and helps her come to the rescue when a pipe bursts in the at!tic. A good, satisfying story.
Age: 4+

Image result for 9781408307205 cover

Titchy Witch and the Babysitting Spell
by Rose Impey and Katherine McEwen

Titchy-witch doesn’t want to be left at home with a babysitter, so she casts a spell to make Mum and Dad stay.  When the spell turns out to be too scary, Titchy-witch has an even bigger problem.
Age: 5+

Come Back Soon
by Miriam Moss and Dawn Apperley

Otter’s mum and dad have to go away ‘for just one sleep’. Grandma comes to look after otter for the night.  A reassuring story.
Age: 3+

Image result for My new childminder Powell, Jillian cover

My New Childminder
by Jillian Powell

Jack tells about his first day with his new chldminder, Sarah.  Find out about all the fun things they do together after school.
Age: 5+

Image result for That bear can't babysit / Ruth Quayle

That bear can’t babysit
by Ruth Quayle

Will bear be able to look after all seven bunnies so Mr & Mrs Burrow can go to the party? Lots of laughs as the bunnies take advantage of the situation.
Age: 3+

How to Babysit a Grandma
by Jean Reagan and Lee Wildish

This funny and heartwarming book will help children to become expert grandma-sitters in no time.
Age: 4+

Image result for no babysitters allowed cover

No Babysitters Allowed
by Amber Stewart and Laura Rankin

Hopscotch the rabbit does not want his parents to go out and leave him with the babysitter but discovers that babysitters can be fun.  A reassuring story.
Age: 3+

Useful Organisations

Hampshire County Council:
For useful information about early year’s education, grants and childcare providers.

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