Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists and Opticians

Being taken to see a doctor for the first time can be scary, whether it’s a visit to the GP, optician, dentist or to the hospital.
Sharing a book about other children visiting a doctor could make the experience less worrying.

Peppa Goes To Hospital
by Neville Astley and Mark Baker

Pedro Pony is poorly, so Peppa Pig and her friends go to visit him in hospital.  Pedro tells them all about the hospital and shows Peppa and her friends that it isn’t such a scary place.
Age: 2+

Open Wide
by Tom Barber

A dentist tells stories about some of his more unusual patients while treating a nervous boy.
Age: 4+

Nita Goes to Hospital
by Henriette Barkow and Chris Petty

When Nita is hit by a car and breaks her leg she is taken to hospital to have it treated.  This dual language book is available in a variety of different languages.
Age: 3+

Image result for Archie goes to the doctor

Archie goes to the doctor
by Emma Brown

Archie and his big sister Amber are two of the Shady Bay Buddies who live in the close-knit community of Shady Bay Island. They love playing outside together, but one day Archie falls from the garden swing and hurts his arm. He’s very worried when it’s made clear he’ll need to see the doctor. With his mum and Amber by his side, Archie goes off to the doctor and is pleasantly surprised to find it’s not that bad after all. There are fun things to do there and the doctor is very kind.

Image result for Jim goes to hospital / Margot Channing

Jim Goes To Hospital
by Margot Channing

Jim is a poorly little bear – he has a bad ear ache.  The doctor sends him to the hospital so he can have an operation to make him feel better.  A good starting point for discussion between adults and very young children.
Age: 2+

Going to the Hospital
by Anne Civardi and Stephen Cartwright

Ben is not feeling well.  His ear aches.  The doctor says he needs to go to hospital for an operation on his ear.  This book shows very young children what they can expect if staying in hospital.
Age: 2+

Maisy, Charley and the Wobbly Tooth
by Lucy Cousins

Charley has a wobbly tooth and goes for a reassuring visit to the dentist. Positive message in the simplest of forms.
Age: 3+

Image result for Sometimes / Rebecca Elliott.

by Rebecca Elliott

Toby loves his big sister Clemmie, even when her disability means she has to go into hospital again. A warm and encouraging story.
Age: 3+

Going to the dentist
by Vivian French

Dad’s got toothache and Mum says it’s time all the Buttons went to the dentist for a check-up. The dentist shows Charlie, Cherry and baby Lou how to look after their teeth.
Age 3+

Going to the Doctor
by Vivian French

Cherry has a cold and doesn’t want to go to the doctor.  In fact, when she gets there, she has fun.
Age: 3+

Image result for Going to the dentist sally

Going to the Dentist
by Sally Hewitt

A reassuring account of a child’s visit to the dentist with good photographs and clear text.
Age: 2+

Image result for Get well soon! / Charlotte Hudson

Get Well Soon
by Charlotte Hudson and Mary McQuillan

Wobbily Fang’s mummy has to go to hospital and she doesn’t look like mummy anymore. Wobbily brings her things from home to try and make her eyes sparkle like they used to.
Age: 3+

Going to the Dentist
by Roderick Hunt and Annemarie Young

This ‘first reader’ gives has lots of information about dental health in a story format.
Age: 4+

Going to the Hospital
by Roderick Hunt, Annemarie Young and Alex Brychta

Chip has hurt his leg while training for a football match and Dad has to take him to the hospital. Read this story to learn about what happens in hospitals and what treatment you might need for a broken leg.
Age: 4+

I Don’t Want To Go To Hospital
by Tony Ross

An amusing, but equally reassuring tale about having to go to hospital for the first time. Another story featuring the ‘Little Princess’.
Age: 4+

Molly at the Dentist
by Angie Sage

Bold, bright and appealing pictures. Very simple text and storyline. Reassuring story that visiting the dentist is good and that brushing teeth is fun.
Age: 2+

George visits the Doctor
by Nicola Smee

George and Bear both have a sore throat, so they’re off to visit the doctor. If anyone can help them feel better, the doctor can!
Age: 4+

Visiting the doctor
by Jess Stockham

Why are we going? Will it hurt? Do i need medicine? Reading this book with your child is the perfect opportunity to talk about these questions, and many more! Young children’s lives are full of new experiences and these books help make them less scary.
Age 4+

Visiting the hospital
by Jess Stockham

How long will I be there? Will I stay the night? Who will look after me? Reading this book with your child is the perfect opportunity to talk about these questions, and many more! Young children s lives are full of new experiences and these books help make them less scary.
Age 4+

Image result for Ambulance, ambulance! / Sally Sutton

Ambulance, ambulance!
by Sally Sutton

A reassuring, read-aloud exploration of the work of paramedics and ambulance crews. There’s been a crash and the crew at the ambulance station jumps into action. Nee nar nee nar. They respond to the emergency call, attend to the injuries of a young boy who has fallen off his bike and then take him to the hospital for treatment.
Age 4+

Useful organisations

Find your nearest GP, pharmacist, dentist, A&E and urgent care, as well as information and support.

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