Dyslexia and Difficulties with Reading and Writing

For some children, reading is a pleasure and writing is fun. For others, it is a terrible chore. This can be particularly true for children who have dyslexia. Sharing stories about other children who struggle with their reading may help them to understand their difficulties.

The map challenge: a book about dyslexia
by Dr Tracy Packiam Allowa

Sammy finds map-reading tricky. But when his group loses their map during a flag hunt at scout camp, it’s up to Sammy to use his SEN superpowers and find another way to lead them back to the campsite! The ‘SEN Superpowers’ series celebrates the positive traits associated with common Special Educational Needs (SEN). This story will help children understand and cope with dyslexia.
Age: 4+

Tom’s special talent
by Kate Gaynor

Tom isn’t sure if he really has any talents at all. He knows he is not good at reading and writing. But a school competition helps him find his own special talent. One of a series of books that feature characters with special educational needs.
Age: 5+

A Dog Called Flow
by Pippa Goodhart

Oliver is finding it hard at school and he longs for a dog. This story looks at bravery, friendship and the challenges of dyslexia but, primarily, it is about the love and trust between a boy and his dog.
Age: 7+

Brian has Dyslexia
by Jenny Leigh

Uses a cartoon bear to show what it is like to be dyslexic.Age: 5+

Football Academy: Reading the Game
by Tom Palmer

This is the fourth book in a series based around a football academy.  Ben is at his happiest playing football, but finds school a great trial.  He can’t read and struggles to hid this from his teachers, classmates and family.  It is a story about overcoming difficulties and not being afraid to ask for help.
Age: 7+

Dyslexia Friendly Publishers

Barrington Stoke
You will find a number of Barrington Stoke books in our libraries, to browse them all, click the links below:
For ages 5-10
For ages 11+

You can also find picture books, aimed at parents with dyslexia, here.

Useful Organisation

British Dyslexia Association:
Promotes early identification and support in schools

Dyslexia information for parents.

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