Head Lice

When children go to nursery, play-group, school, or anywhere else where they might put their heads together, there is a chance they may bring home some little visitors. Help to dispel some of the misconceptions about head lice with these entertaining books.

Image result for Nat's naughty nits / Giles Andreae, Jess Mikhail."

Nat’s naughty nits
by Giles Andreae and Jess Mikhail

When some scritchy-scratchy nits climb on to Nat’s head, they get up to all sorts of naughty things. This hilarious tale of getting nits (and getting rid of them) is guaranteed to give children the giggles.
Age: 4+

Topsy and Tim Have Itchy Heads
by Jean and Gareth Adamson

No-one notices that Topsy and Tim have itchy heads.  Then a letter comes home from school…
Age: 4+

No Nits!
by Jane Clarke and Jan Lewis

The whole Kingdom of Hairia is beset by nits. Can Princess Primrose come up with an idea that sees the end of the head lice once and for all?
Age: 5+

Kipper Gets Nits
by Roderick Hunt, Annemarie Young and Alex Brychta

Kipper has an itchy head.  So does Chip.  Mum comes to the rescue with a special bug busting kit.
Age: 5+

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Scritch scratch, we have nits
by Miriam Moss

One day a tiny insect, no bigger than a freckle, climbs into Miss Calypso’s classroom. Nobody notices until Polly scritches, Joshua scratches and soon the whole class is scritching and scratching!
Age: 4+

No Nits!
by Jillian Powell and Mark Chambers

Mum thinks Tilly and Todd might have nits so she buys a special comb and shampoo to help get rid of them.
Age: 5+

Horrid Henry’s Nits
by Francesca Simon

Horrid Henry gets nits but Perfect Peter, his little brother, doesn’t.  This makes Henry determined to share his nits with every child he knows.
Age: 5+

Itch Scratch Scratch
by Eleanor Updale and Sarah Horne

The kids in this dyslexia-friendly picture book have got – whisper it – nits! All the mummies are going mad with the nit-combs and the mayonnaise and even the hoover – but the nits don’t care.
Age: 4+

Useful Organisations

Information about head lice and nits, and how to treat it.

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