Feeling poorly is horrid.  It makes you feel rotten and sometimes spoils the plans you make.  If a grown-up is unwell, that can be even more scary.  Sharing a book about other people feeling poorly might help to explain illness to children and make them a little less worried.

Through My Window
by Tony Bradman and Eileen Browne

Jo is ill and has to stay in; dad looks after her while mum goes to work. Passers-by entertain her through the window until mum returns with the promised present.
Age: 4+

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Spotty Lottie and Me
by Richard Byrne

Joey has chicken pox and is bored, but Mum says he is infectious, so he can only play with a spotty friend.  Will he find anyone to play with who isn’t scared of catching his spots?
Age: 3+

Self-esteem and mental health
by Anna Claybourne

Growing up isn’t always easy – your brain is changing and there’s many things to cope with from new emotions to stress. This book explores what is self-esteem and mental health and why it’s important and looks at topics such as mental illness, phobias, eating disorders and self-harm. It looks at techniques to deal with issues including stress reduction, mindfulness and assertiveness.
Age: 9+

I’m really ever so not well
by Lauren Child

Lola has a cold, so Charlie has to find ways of amusing her. Explores how Lola feels, and compares it with feeling well.
Age: 3+

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Get Well Soon
by Charlotte Hudson and Mary McQuillan

Wobbily Fang’s mummy has to go to hospital and she doesn’t look like mummy anymore.  Wobbily brings her things from home to try and make her eyes sparkle like they used to.
Age: 3+

Sam’s Spots
by Caryn Jenner and Jonathan Langley

Poor Sam has chickenpox and, to make matters worse, it means he has to cancel his birthday party.  Can a spotty birthday be any fun?
Age: 5+

What is mental health? Where does it come from? and other big questions
by Lucy Maddox

Exploring and explaining the range of mental health, from wellbeing through to mental health problems, in a non-stigmatising, accessible and accurate way. This book is about the whole range of mental health, from feeling good and being able to do what we like, to needing extra help with thoughts or feelings or behaviours that have got out of hand. Having a mental health problem is part of the range of human experiences that any of us could have, and the book includes pieces from a range of contributors who share their experiences realting to mental health. Mental health problems can be frightening to experience, but there is help available and this book includes useful skills that can boost mental healthiness.
Age: 9+

Doctor, Doctor
by Mick Manning and Brita Granström

In this fun, interactive, factual book the reader takes on the role of doctor.  Can you make a correct diagnosis of the common illnesses that are illustrated?
Age: 5+

by Jillian Powell and Mark Chambers

Tilly has chickenpox and is feeling itchy. Mum tells her not to scratch, but she finds it hard until they make sock puppets together.
Age: 4+

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Boris Gets Spots
by Carrie Weston and Tim Warnes

On the day that Miss Cluck’s class has a visit from Mr Gander the farmer, disaster strikes! First Boris, then all the little animals, are soon covered in bright red, itchy spots.
Age: 4+

by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross

Hippopotamus had a spotamus on her bottomus! Her friends have lots of ideas what might have caused it but, in the end, it turns out to be something rather unexpected.
Age: 3+

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