Meal times

Meal times can be trying times for parent and child alike, whether your child is a fussy eater or their table manners leave something to be desired. Sharing books and stories about food and eating may help to make meal times a little easier for everyone involved.

Little Green Donkey
by Anuska Allepuz

Little Donkey loves eating grass – it’s just so sweet, and crunchy, and juicy! His pillow is even made from grass so that he can roll over in the morning and eat his own bed. ‘Why don’t you try some other food?’ suggests his desperate mum, putting on a juggling display of colourful fruit as a way to entice her little one to eat something new. But Little Donkey sees no need. Until, that is, he catches a glimpse of his reflection.
Age: 3+

Image result for I will not ever never eat a tomato

I will not ever never eat a tomato
by Lauren Child

A great fun book about a little girl who is a very fussy eater and how her brother persuades her to eat.
Age: 5+

by Rebecca Cobb

It’s lunchtime, but this little girl isn’t hungry and she’s far too busy to stop for food. By tea time she is really hungry!
Age: 3+

Image result for Oliver's fruit salad / Vivian French

Oliver’s fruit salad
by Vivian French

Oliver has returned from holiday and is refusing to eat any fruit! What can mum do?
Age: 2+

Fussy Freda
by Julia Jarman and Fred Blunt

Dinnertime isn’t easy in Freda’s house. Mum cooks beans. YUK! Grandma cooks fish and chips. YUK! Dad cooks crispy duck. YUK! YUK! YUK! There just isn’t any pleasing Fussy Freda! Will anything change her mind about eating dinner? This deliciously funny story will have toddlers calling out for more, and more.
Age: 3+

Image result for There's broccoli in my ice cream! / Emily MacKenzie.

There’s broccoli in my ice cream!
by Emily MacKenzie

Granville loves everything sweet but not fruit and vegetables, so his grandad comes up with a cunning plan!
Age: 3+

by Smriti Prasadam-Halls and Katherina Manolessou

Reginald is everything you would expect a T-Rex to be.  He has a fierce roar, he is strong and fast, but sometimes he feels very different from his T-Rex friends – especially at meal times.  When everyone else munches on juicy steak, Reginald would rather eat crunchy carrot cake.  This fun book about a vegetarian dinosaur is told in rhyme.
Age: 3+

I Do Not Eat the Colour Green!
by Lynne Rickards and Margaret Chamberlain

Marlene McKean will not eat anything green until she discovers that green foods can be sweet and tasty too. A humorous rhyming text with great appeal.
Age: 3+

Eat Your Greens, Goldilocks
by Steve Smallman and Bruno Robert

When Goldilocks wants jelly and ice cream for breakfast, Mum and Dad say ‘No’.  The three bears like to eat healthy food.  Will they eat Goldilocks for lunch?
Age: 4+

Image result for How do dinosaurs eat their food?

How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?
by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague

There is plenty of bad mealtime behaviour to be found in this book, but it ends with some beautifully behaved dinosaur dinner guests.
Age: 3+

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Helpful tips and advice on how to make meal times more enjoyable.

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