It can feel very strange when a part of your body does something you don’t expect – for instance when you get your first wobbly tooth. Sharing books about teeth (wobbly or otherwise) can be comforting and may help children deal with this new situation.

Maisy, Charley and the Wobbly Tooth
by Lucy Cousins

Charley has a wobbly tooth and goes for a reassuring visit to the dentist. Positive message in the simplest of forms.
Age: 3+

Going to the dentist
by Vivian French

Dad’s got toothache and Mum says it’s time all the Buttons went to the dentist for a check-up. The dentist shows Charlie, Cherry and baby Lou how to look after their teeth.
Age 3+

Polly’s Wobbly Tooth
by Sue Graves

Polly has a very annoying wobbly tooth. She wobbles it all the time, but it just won’t fall out. Whatever can she do?
Age: 5+

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Going to the Dentist
by Sally Hewitt

A reassuring account of a child’s visit to the dentist with good photographs and clear text.
Age: 2+

Going to the Dentist
by Roderick Hunt and Annemarie Young

This ‘first reader’ gives has lots of information about dental health in a story format.
Age: 4+

Titchy Witch and the Wobbly Fang
by Rose Impey and Katharine McEwen

Titchy Witch’s wobbly fang won’t come out but when she learns about the fang fairy, she makes a spell to lose all her fangs and get lots of surprises. Another spell sorts everything out.
Age: 5+

Alan’s Big, Scary Teeth
by Jarvis

Alan loves being scary.  His big, scary teeth are just the thing for scaring everyone in the jungle.  But Alan has a secret – his teeth come out at night.  What will happen when his teeth go missing?
Age: 3+

Charlie and the Tooth Fairy
by Milary McKay and Sam Hearn

More of a ‘how NOT to’ book than a ‘how TO’.  Charlie and Harry find ingenious ways of getting wobbly teeth to come out quickly and plot ways to trick the tooth fairy into giving them more money.
Age: 5

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Wibble Wobble
by Miriam Moss

Brightly illustrated story about a boy losing his first milk tooth.
Age: 4+

I Want My Tooth
by Tony Ross

The Little Princess has got wonderful teeth. But when one of them starts to wobble and wobble and wobble, and then eventually disappears, the hunt is on to find it.
Age: 5+

Molly at the Dentist
by Angie Sage

Bold, bright and appealing pictures. Very simple text and storyline. Reassuring story that visiting the dentist is good and that brushing teeth is fun.
Age: 2+

Give Us a Smile, Cinderella
by Steve Smallman and Marcin Piwowarski

Cinderella’s stepsisters are so lazy, they can’t even be bothered to brush their teeth. Cinderella brushes her teeth every morning and evening. Whose smile will win the prince?
Age: 7+

Useful organisations

Find your nearest GP, pharmacist, dentist, A&E and urgent care, as well as information and support.

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