Toilet Training

For some families, the transition from nappies to potties and toilets can be quite traumatic. Sharing picture books that show other people (and animals) going through similar experiences may be reassuring. It might even introduce an element of fun.

Image result for It's Potty Time! Tracey Corderoy

It’s Potty Time!
by Tracey Corderoy and Caroline Pedler

Introduction to what a potty is for, including pooing and weeing and wiping bottoms. Also shows how an older child uses the toilet. Friendly and reassuring text.
Age: 1+

Nappy Duck and Potty Piggy
by Bernette Ford and Saw Williams

Ducky wants Piggy to come out and play. But he can’t – he is on the potty. How can Ducky become as grown-up as Piggy?
Age: 1+

Image result for Have you seen my potty?

Have You Seen My Potty?
by Mij Kelly and Mary McQuillan

This is the story of Suzie Sue who has something very important to do. Something important she does every day, but someone has snatched her potty away!
Age: 1+

Skip to the Loo, My Darling!
by Sally Lloyd-Jones

Bunny wants his potty. What will Bunny do? Only one thing for it – skip to the loo!  In vibrant, rhythmic, rhyming beats, this book simply rejoices in the call of nature.
Age: 1+

I Want My Potty!
by Tony Ross

‘Nappies are YUUECH!’ said the little princess. ‘There must be something better!’ At first she thinks the royal potty is even worse than nappies but she soon learns to love it – even if it isn’t always there just when she needs it!
Age: 1+

Image result for The little puddle

The Little Puddle
by Axel Scheffler

Pip and Posy are having such fun playing that Pip forgets he needs a wee. Soon there is a little puddle on the floor. Find out how the two friends overcome Pip’s embarrassment in this gentle story about the trials and tribulations of potty-training.
Part of the Pip and Posy series of books.
Age: 2+

Wee William
by Sheryl Webster & Cecilia Johansson

Wee William is a little mouse. Sometimes he forgets to tell Mummy or Daddy that he needs to go to the toilet – until it’s almost too late. Mummy knows that accidents will sometimes happen and has kind words of advice for William.
Age: 2+

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