Autism Awareness Week 2019

2 April is World autism day, with the week surrounding it (1- 7 April) being World Autism Awareness Week! The goal of the day, and the week, is to spread awareness about autism, making more people aware what it is and what it means being autistic. Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how… Continue reading Autism Awareness Week 2019


A collection of helpful, celebrational and supportive books to explain LGBT+ to children, as well as teaching children that we are all different and to accept those differences. Useful for both children who may be part of the LGBT+ community and for children who are making new friends. My Princess Boy - Cheryl Kilodavis Dyson loves the colour pink and sparkly things.… Continue reading LGBT+

Same Sex Parents

When they are very young, children believe they are the centre of the universe and everyone is like them. As they get older they learn that there are other people in the world and many of them live very different lives. These stories may help children recognise that there are many different types of families. Useful… Continue reading Same Sex Parents

Learning Social Skills

It can take some children a long time to understand what sort of behaviour is acceptable. These books show the importance of good manners and explain what might happen in some social situations. Sharing these stories could help you avoid some of those '...because I said so' arguments.

Shakespeare Week 2019

It's Shakespeare Week, and not only will there be activities taking place across our libraries, there are also some lovely books by and about Shakespeare that you can borrow! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and find out which Shakespeare character you are! Antony and Cleopatra William Shakespeare A battle-hardened soldier, Antony is one of… Continue reading Shakespeare Week 2019

British Science Week 2019

British Science Week is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths! Come along to one of these many amazing, events or activities taking place around the county! An evening of science at Basingstoke Discovery Centre Join us when Basingstoke Discovery Centre opens until 9.30pm and hosts 4 events covering different areas of science. With… Continue reading British Science Week 2019

Our Pride Bookshelf!

On Saturday 23 February, the 5th annual Hampshire Pride took place and we were thrilled to have a stall at QEII court! Besides meeting some lovely people and handing out  booklists for our new LGBT+ collection, we had a mini bookshelf where people added books that had inspired them, made a difference to them or… Continue reading Our Pride Bookshelf!