It can be scary and frustrating when a child’s body reacts in ways they have no control over and it can be distressing when children are unable to eat or do things that their friends can.  Sharing stories about difficult situations can put a child’s mind at ease and make things easier to cope with and more understandable.

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Cloud Busting – Malorie Blackman

A story about bullying, friendship and the hazards of a peanut allergy. Told in verse.
Age: 9+

A No-Sneeze Pet – Diana G Gallagher and Adriana Isabel Juarez Puglisi

Emma really wants a pet to cuddle, but there is a problem.  Her mum is allergic to animal fur.  Her friends Kyle and Mia are determined to help her find the perfect no-sneeze pet.
Age: 6+

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Emmy’s Eczema – Jack Hughes

Emmy knows she shouldn’t scratch, but sometimes she just has too.  Fortunately she has good friends to help her feel better.
Age: 3+

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Blessu – Dick King-Smith and Adrienne Kennaway

Blessu is a little elephant with a big problem – he has terrible hay fever.
Age: 7+

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A Dog Called Whatnot – Linda Newbery and Georgie Ripper

Tim really wants a dog. There’s only one problem – his sister. She’s allergic to animals.
Age: 5+

Useful Organisations

Asthma UK
Independent UK charity offering advice and support

Anaphylaxis Campaign
Helping people with severe allergies live their lives.


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