Breathing difficulties are scary for those experiencing them and for those looking on.  Sharing stories about asthma can put a child’s mind at ease by making the condition easier to understand and manage.

Charlie has Asthma – Jenny Leigh

Simple story of Charlie the cheetah who is diagnosed with asthma and given advice and help to cope with it.
Age: 5+

book cover

Zack has Asthma – Jillian Powell.

Straightforward account of a child dealing positively with asthma.
Age: 5+

book cover

Max the Champion – Sean Stockdale, Alexandra Strick and Ros Asquith

Max is mad about sport and thinks about it all the time.  Max also has asthma – his inhaler is on his bedside cabinet when he is in bed and he uses it during the course of the school day.  This inclusive picture book shows people with disability as part of the everyday environment.  The clues are often subtle, but that’s probably why it works so well.
Age: 5+

Useful Organisation

Asthma UK
Independent UK charity offering advice and support

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