The world can be a scary place for small people.  Reading stories about other children overcoming their fears and becoming confident can help to make the world a bit less frightening.

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The Koala Who Could – Rachel Bright and Jim Field

Sometimes change comes along whether we like it or not . . . but if you let it, change can be the making of you. Kevin the Koala discovers this and more in this delightful picture book.
Age: 3+

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The Lion Inside – Rachel Bright and Jim Field

Being little isn’t always easy.  But when Mouse sets off on a journey to find his roar, he discovers that even the smallest creature can have the heart of a lion.
Age: 3+

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Star Friends – Tracey Corderoy and Alison Edgson

Gentle story about a little alien who is scared of everything, but once he has made a friend, his confidence begins to grow
Age: 3+

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Wibbly Pig’s Silly Big Bear – Mick Inkpen

Simple story about Wibbly Pig’s silly big bear who has loads of things he can’t do, so what is he good for? The answer if lots of things, illustrating that being clever is not all that counts!
Age: 2+

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