Domestic violence

Domestic violence can be difficult subjects to talk about, books talking about the topic can help explain to young children what happened and encourage discussions. Stories may make difficult transitions easier to cope with and to understand.

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Kit Kitten and the Topsy-Turvey Feelings – Jane Evans and Izzy Bean

Another book from America, this one showing how hard it is when adults don’t teach children about feelings. Set against a background of implied neglect and, possibly, alcohol / drug abuse.
Age: 3+

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A Terrible Thing Happened – Margaret M Holmes and Cary Pillo

An American book that doesn’t show the ‘terrible thing’ that Sherman Smith saw, but instead focuses on how he feels afterwards and the help he is offered.
Age: 5+

At the end of Holyrood Lane – Dimity Powell

Flick is a happy child until the storms start at home. It looks at the unpredictability of home and how she needs to hide to find safety. When she asks for help her world changes and happiness returns.
Age 4+

Light Jar – Lisa Thompson

Nate and his mother run away from an abusive partner. They stay in a run down cottage in the grounds of a mansion. But Nate’s mum has disappeared and he must survive on his own whilst looking for her.
Age 10+

The Boy Who Sailed the Ocean in an Armchair – Lara Williamson

Dad has run away in the middle of the night, taking Becket and his little brother Billy with him.  They have left everything behind, including their almost-mum Pearl.  The boys badly want to bring their family back together, but things aren’t always as they seem.  The central theme of this book is of saying goodbye – to their late mother, to Pearl, even to Brian the snail.
Age: 9+

Useful Organisation

Women’s Aid

National charity working to end domestic violence against women and children

0808 2000 247

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