Junior Audiobook Month 2019

Audiobooks are a great way to continue to enjoy books while on the go! Whether it’s on the way to or from school, on a longer car, bus or train journey or just to relax before bed; audiobooks will ensure you can continue to enjoy books, even if you don’t have the time to sit down and read them.
Not only do we have CDs, MP3 CDs and playaways that you can borrow from the library, you’re also able to download eAudiobooks straight to your tablet or mobile device using the BorrowBox app!

There are audiobooks for everyone and there is so much choice!
CDs or MP3 CDs that you can put into a CD player or computer to listen to.
Playaways where all you need is an AAA battery and headphones and you’re good to go – the playaway is even small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, in your pocket or bag.
eAudiobooks from BorrowBox, that you can download straight into your phone and bring with you wherever you go.

Here’s just some of the awesome books you can find as audiobooks through Hampshire Libraries:

A Treasury of Animal Stories
Written by Holly Webb
Read by Phyllida Nash
Suitable for 5+
A Treasury of Animal Stories

A scruffy pup eagerly awaits a new home just in time for Christmas, a little girl discovers an adorable kitten in her garden, a dog makes an unlikely new friend, a hamster makes a daring escape and a girl tries to help a family of fluffy ducklings.

Chloe centre stage
Written by Holly Webb
Read by Rosie Jones
Suitable for 6+

Chloe may have passed the audition for the Shine School for Performing Arts with flying colours, but that’s only the first challenge. As Chloe strives to stand out, her first term is more dramatic than she could ever have imagined.

Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare
Written by G. M. Berrow
Read by Tracey Petrillo
Suitable for 6+
Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare

Rainbow Dash is a huge fan of the Daring Do book series, but after the newest book comes out, she’s not alone! Suddenly, every pony in Ponyville is reading the books! To prove she’s the ultimate fan, Rainbow Dash decides to show her friends that she can be just as brave and ‘daring’ as her hero.

Amelia Fang and the half moon holiday
Written by Laura Ellen Anderson
Read by Zoe Thorne
Suitable for 7+

Amelia and her friends are back in Nocturnia, but there’s a new villain to battle! This evil creature is stealing everyone’s memories. How can Amelia save Nocturnia when no one can remember who she is?

Captain Underpants and the big, bad battle of the Bionic Booger Boy. Part 1, The night of the nasty nostril nuggets
Written by Dav Pilkey
Read by Len Forgione, Dazjon Freeman and Ben D’Amico
Suitable for 7+
Captain Underpants #6

George and Harold are back – in another truly icky adventure. When class boffin Melvin Sneedly goes too far with his latest amazing invention, the Bionic Booger Boy comes to sticky, snotty, really bad-tempered life.

Diary of a wimpy kid series
Written by Jeff Kinney
Read by Dan Russell
Suitable for 8+
The Long Haul (Diary of a Wimpy Kid book 9)

Greg Heffley finds himself thrust into a new year and a new school where undersize weaklings share the corridors with kids who are taller, meaner and already shaving. Greg is happy to have his sidekick, Rowley, along for the ride. When Rowley’s star starts to rise, Greg tries to use his best friend’s popularity to his own advantage.

The Burning Bridge
Written by John Flanagan
Read by William Zappa
Suitable for 8+
The Burning Bridge

As the Kingdom of Araluen prepares for war against Morgarath, Will and Horace accompany the Ranger Gilan on a mission to Celtica. But Celtica’s villages and mines are silent. Only an exhausted and starving girl called Evanlyn can tell them why: Morgarath has sent his foul creatures to enslave the Celts. While Gilan rides swiftly back to Araluen to report this news to the King, Will and Horace discover the true purpose behind Morgarath’s actions. The Kingdom is sure to be defeated in a surprise three-sided attack – unless they can find a way to prevent it.

The wicked king
Written by Holly Black
Read by Caitlin Kelly
Suitable for 13+
The Wicked King

When it becomes all too clear that someone close to Jude means to betray her, Jude must uncover the traitor and fight her own complicated feelings for Cardan to maintain control as a mortal in a Faerie world. Dramatic and thrilling fantasy blends with contemporary storytelling to create a fully realised world, filled with magic, politics and treachery.

Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead
Written by Rick Riordan
Read by Michael Crouch
Suitable for 13+
Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead

Loki the trickster god is free from his chains. Now he’s readying Naglfar, the Ship of the Dead, armed with a host of giants and zombies, to sail against the Norse gods and begin the final battle of Ragnarok. It’s up to Magnus Chase and his friends to stop Loki’s plans, but to do so they will have to sail across the oceans of Midgard, Jotunheim and Niflheim in a desperate race to reach Naglfar before it’s ready to sail on Midsummer’s Day.

Written by Lauren Kate
Read by Justine Eyre
Suitable for 14+

What if the person you were meant to be with could never be yours?
Seventeen-year-old Lucinda falls in love with a gorgeous, intelligent boy, Daniel, at her new school, the grim, foreboding Sword & Cross only to find out that Daniel is a fallen angel, and that they have spent lifetimes finding and losing one another as good and evil forces plot to keep them apart.

Birdy Flynn
Written by Helen Donohoe
Read by Caroline Lennon
Suitable for 15+
Birdy Flynn

There is the secret of Birdy’s dead grandmother’s cat – how the boys tortured it and Birdy Flynn had to drown her in the river to stop her suffering. There’s the secret of Mrs Cope, the popular teacher, who touched Birdy in the cupboard. There’s the secret of the gypsy girl at school who Birdy likes, but she can’t tell anyone. Because Birdy’s other secret is that while she plays and fights as good as the boys, she is a girl, and she doesn’t always feel like a girl is supposed to.

There’s even more amazing audiobooks to discover through the library or through the BorrowBox app; there’s something for all ages! Download the app today or visit your local library to get started!

Audiobook Month 2019

We love books! Reading them, holding them, smelling them – we just love them! But like many others in the 21st Century we sometimes struggle to find the time to sit down with a book. There are just too many things that needs doing; housework, homework, walking the dog, taking the kids to swimming or football, cooking – the list goes on!

But don’t despair! We have found the solution; audiobooks!
These books on CDs, playaways and downloadable books are the answer to every busy booklover’s book-despair.

Through the BorrowBox app you can download eAudiobooks straight to your phone, tablet or memory stick to enjoy on your way to work, while taking the dog for a walk or any time you want to read a book but adulthood is getting in the way.

From libraries you can borrow audiobooks on CDs, MP3 CDs or playaways – brilliant to use while doing housework or even on those long car journeys with the family.

There are audiobooks for everyone and there is so much choice!

CDs or MP3 CDs that you can put into a CD player or computer to listen to.

Playaways where all you need is an AAA battery and headphones and you’re good to go – the playaway is even small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, in your pocket or bag.

eAudiobooks from BorrowBox, that you can download straight into your phone and bring with you wherever you go.

All these different formats mean audiobooks are available to an even greater audience then it ever has been. From young children to elderly, from busy parents to not-as-busy-but-still-busy adults – there is something for everyone!

Not only do we have a wide range of audiobooks, eAudiobooks are free to download through the BorrowBox app too!
Children’s audiobooks, in all formats, are completely free for everyone and are brilliant on those long car journeys.

Are you more of a magazine or newspaper kind of person? Then you might be interested in one of our other great audio service available from libraries in Hampshire; National Talking Newspapers and Magazines!
This service is available for anyone that struggle reading printed text and all that one need to do is bring a USB stick into a Hampshire Library and us which of the 90+ titles you would like to have and it will be added to the memory stick for you to enjoy at home. It’s another amazing free service offered in libraries.

This year’s suggested reads are rather exciting, from thrillers to romance and from fantasy to non-fiction! This list is just adult fiction and non-fiction books, for the teen and children list; head over to our junior Audiobook Month 2019 blog!
Have a look through these titles, who knows, maybe you will find your next read!

18th abduction
Written by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
Read by Pat Starr
Format: CDs

When three female schoolteachers go missing in San Francisco, Detective Lindsay Boxer must unravel the mystery of their disappearance. But what starts as a missing person case quickly escalates to a troubling murder investigation. As pressure at work mounts, Lindsay must rely on her husband Joe to support her at home. Yet Joe is pursuing a mysterious case himself, as a woman running from her past brings him terrifying information – the notorious war criminal from her Eastern European home country has appeared on the streets of San Francisco. As Lindsay searches for the three missing women, a frightening new twist forces her and Joe’s investigations to collide. His mystery informant has gone missing, and all four abducted women are in grave danger. As shocking revelations emerge, Lindsay and Joe find themselves caught up in an international crime operation unlike anything they’ve seen before.

Written by Kathy Reichs
Read by Cristin Milioti
Format: eAudiobook

A terrifying new Virals adventure for Tory Brennan – great niece of Dr Temperance Brennan – and the Virals team as they come face to face with their greatest enemy. Tory Brennan and the Virals are forced to confront the existence of a rival pack – The Trinity – who wants them off the scene – declaring war by engraving ‘One Territory. One Pack’ on a local landmark. What’s more this pack’s powers seem stronger and their eyes glow red rather than golden when they flare.
Chance Claybourne, who now owns his father’s pharmaceutical company, shares The Trinity’s powers – he accidentally infected himself and his ex-lab tech Will Speckman. Chance claims he’s on Virals’ side but can they trust him? And if Speckman is one of The Trinity, who are the other two?
As the tension mounts between the two packs an even greater threat looms. Covert government agents are closing in on them, determined to find out exactly how their powers work, to experiment on them. Have The Trinity pack given them Virals to save themselves? Or are both packs at risk?

The Library of Lost and Found
Written by Phaedra Patrick
Read by Sarah Borges
Format: eAudiobook
The Library of Lost and Found

Librarian Martha Storm has always found it easier to connect with books than people—though not for lack of trying. She keeps careful lists of how to help others in her superhero-themed notebook. And yet, sometimes it feels like she’s invisible.

All of that changes when a book of fairy tales arrives on her doorstep. Inside, Martha finds a dedication written to her by her best friend—her grandmother Zelda—who died under mysterious circumstances years earlier. When Martha discovers a clue within the book that her grandmother may still be alive, she becomes determined to discover the truth. As she delves deeper into Zelda’s past, she unwittingly reveals a family secret that will change her life forever.Filled with Phaedra Patrick’s signature charm and vivid characters, The Library of Lost and Found is a heart-warming reminder that even the quietest life has the potential to be extraordinary.

Into the World
Written by Stephanie Parkyn
Read by Ulli Birvé
Format: eAudiobook
Into the World

1791. In the midst of the French Revolution, unwed mother Marie-Louise Girardin takes one last look at her baby son before entrusting him to her friend, the revolutionary Olympe de Gouges. She must escape, and only the most daring plan will bring her both the anonymity she needs and the independence to return one day for her son.
Marie-Louise disguises herself as a man and joins a voyage of exploration employed as a steward on the Recherche, one of two ships commissioned to journey to the Great Southern Ocean to find the missing explorer La Perouse.
Inspired by a true story, Into the World is a compelling novel of the amazing life of Marie-Louise Girardin battling perilous seas, her own self-doubt, and finding unforeseen loves on a journey to reclaim her child.

After you left
Written by Carol Mason
Read by Elizabeth Knowelden
Format: MP3 CD

When Justin walks out on Alice on their honeymoon, with no explanation apart from a cryptic note, Alice is left alone and bewildered, her life in pieces. Then she meets Evelyn, a visitor to the gallery where she works. It’s a seemingly chance encounter, but Alice gradually learns that Evelyn has motives, and a heartbreaking story, of her own. And that story has haunting parallels with Alice’s life. As Alice delves into the mystery of why Justin left her, the questions are obvious. But the answers may lie in the most unlikely of places.

Something to Tell You
Written by Lucy Diamond
Read by Clare Wille
Format eAudiobook
Something to Tell You

15 minutes to happiness: easy, everyday exercises to help you be the best you can be
Written by Richard Nicholls
Read by Richard Nicholls
Format: Playaway

Through his incredibly popular podcast, Motivate Yourself, registered psychotherapist Richard Nicholls set out to cut through some of the myths and misconceptions about self-help and offer effective solutions to real-life problems. In his first book, Nicholls looks at the science behind what works and what doesn’t when it comes to making ourselves happy. He discusses how little changes to our thoughts, emotions, lifestyle, attitude, self-esteem, health and social interaction can dramatically improve our lives, and includes easy 15-minute tasks to integrate into your day that are proven to help with happiness and wellbeing.

Big week
Written by James Holland
Read by Charles Armstrong
Format: CDs

During the third week of February 1944, the combined Allied air forces launched their first-ever round-the-clock bomber offensive against Germany. The aim was to smash the main factories and production centres of the Luftwaffe and draw the German fighter force up into the air and into battle. Officially called Operation ARGUMENT, this monumental air assault very quickly became known simply as Big Week. Following the fortunes of pilots, aircrew and civilians from both sides, ‘Big Week’ is a blistering narrative of one of the most critical periods of the entire war, one that culminated in the largest air battle ever witnessed.

Mary Queen of Scots
Written by John Guy
Read by Jan Cramer
Format eAudiobook
Mary Queen of Scots

Who was the real Mary Queen of Scots? The most enigmatic ruler of England lived a life of incredible drama and turmoil: crowned Queen of Scotland at nine months old, and Queen of France at sixteen years, she grew up in the crosshairs of Europe’s political battles to become Queen Elizabeth’s arch rival.This audiobook tells the story of the fraught and dangerous relationship between these two women of incredible charisma and power – a relationship that began with both seeking a political settlement, but which led them down a path of danger, from which only one could emerge victorious.

Dare Not Linger; The Presidential Years
Written by Nelson Mandela and Mandla Langa
Read by Adrian Lester
Format: eAudiobook
Dare Not Linger

Is there an audiobook you think should have made it to the list? Tell us in the comments below, and don’t forget to subscribe to not miss out on future blogs!


Book to Film 2019

There has already been some great books turned into films and TV series this year, and looking ahead at 2019 there’s some exciting ones to look forward to. Maybe you’ve had your favourite book turned into a film or TV show – or maybe you’re sat keeping your fingers crossed that it will never happen. Whatever your feelings are towards books being turned into a film, we’re sure it can be agreed that discussing the differences between the book and the film is rather fun!

Let’s get started and have a look at both movies and TV-series that have come out in 2019, or will come out later this year. If you spot one you haven’t read, click the title and it will take you to our online catalogue, or write down the title and author and bring it in to your local library.


Pet sematary by Stephen King
CoverPet Sematary Poster

‘Pet sematary’ is a chilling, dark story by the master of modern horror; Stephen King. This isn’t the first time its been turned into a movie, in 1989 it was directed by Mary Lambert who won the Audience Award in 1990 for said movie.
This time it’s directors Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer who’s taken over the reins, this movie was released in cinemas 4 April 2019.
Have you seen both movies? If so, tell us in the comments below which one you prefer! If you would like to read the book, we have plenty of copies available to borrow.

The house looks right, feels right to Dr Louis Creed. Rambling, old and comfortable. A place where the family can settle; the children grow and play and explore. The rolling hills and meadows of Maine seem a world away from the fume-choked dangers of the city. It’s only those big trucks on the road outside which growl out unnerving threats. Behind the house there’s a carefully cleared path up into the woods to a place where generations of local children have walked in procession with the solemn innocence of the young, taking with them their dear departed pets for burial. A sad place maybe, but safe. Surely a safe place. Not a place to seep into your dreams, to wake you, sweating with fear and foreboding.

Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple
CoverWhere'd You Go, Bernadette Poster

‘Where’d You Go, Bernadette’ is a compulsively readable, irresistibly written, deeply touching novel about misplaced genius and a mother and daughter’s place in the world. Originally meant to hit cinemas in 11 May 2018, it’s now, finally, being realised 9 August 2019! Directed by Richard Linklater, this movie includes big star Cate Blanchett in the lead role.
Have you read the book? What do you think of the choice of Cate Blanchett in the lead role? Tell us in the comments below!
If you haven’t read this book, why not give it a read?

Bernadette Fox is notorious. To Elgie Branch, a Microsoft wunderkind, she’s his hilarious, volatile, talented, troubled wife. To fellow mothers at the school gate, she’s a menace. To design experts, she’s a revolutionary architect. And to 15-year-old Bee, she is a best friend and, quite simply, mum. Then Bernadette disappears. And Bee must take a trip to the end of the earth to find her. Where’d You Go, Bernadette is a compulsively readable, irresistibly written, deeply touching novel about misplaced genius and a mother and daughter’s place in the world.

The sun is also a star by Nicola Yoon
CoverThe Sun Is Also a Star Poster

‘The sun is also a star’ is a dazzling story about people, love and life. Directed by Ry Russo-Young this movie will be coming to UK cinemas 9 August 2019 and will include stars such as Yara Shahidi, Charles Melton, Keong Sim and Gbenga Akinnagbe.

If you haven’t read this novel, you can borrow both physical and electronic copies of the book and audiobook.

Natasha: I’m a girl who believes in science and facts. Not fate. Not destiny. Or dreams that will never come true. I’m definitely not the kind of girl who meets a cute boy on a crowded New York City street and falls in love with him. Not when my family is twelve hours away from being deported to Jamaica. Falling in love with him won’t be my story.
Daniel: I’ve always been the good son, the good student, living up to my parents’ high expectations. Never the poet. Or the dreamer. But when I see her, I forget about all that. Something about Natasha makes me think that fate has something much more extraordinary in store—for both of us.The Universe: Every moment in our lives has brought us to this single moment. A million futures lie before us. Which one will come true?

Three seconds by Roslund and Hellström
CoverImage result for the informer movie

‘Three Seconds’ tells the powerful story of one man’s fight against the system he spent his life protecting which now seeks to destroy him.
The movie will be coming to UK cinemas 30 August 2019 under the new title ‘The Informer’ and is directed Andrea Di Stefano and include such stars as Joel Kinnaman, Ana de Armas and Rosamund Pike!

If you can’t wait until August to find out more, then borrow a copy of this book or audiobook and read/listen to the story today.

Piet Hoffmann is the best undercover operative in the Swedish police force, but only one other man is even aware of his existence. After a drug deal he is involved in goes badly wrong, he must face the hardest mission of his life – infiltrating Sweden’s most infamous maximum-security prison. Detective Inspector Ewert Grens is charged with investigating the drug-related killing. Unaware of Hoffmann’s real identity, he believes himself to be on the trail of a dangerous psychopath. But he cannot escape the feeling that vital information pertaining to the case has been withheld or manipulated. Hoffmann has his insurance: wiretap recordings that implicate some of Sweden’s most prominent politicians in a corrupt conspiracy. But in Ewert Grens they might just have found the perfect weapon to eliminate him.

The woman in the window by A.J. Finn

‘The woman in the window’ is a real page-turner that will have you hooked from the start.
This thriller is being turned into a movie with big stars such as Amy Adams, Anthony Mackie, Gary Oldman and Wyatt Russell. Directed by Joe Wright, this movie will come to UK cinemas 27 September 2019!
For more information about the movie, check out this website.
Have you read the book? Tell us in the comments below what you thought of it!

It’s been ten long months since Anna Fox last left her home. Ten months during which she has haunted the rooms of her old New York house like a ghost, lost in her memories, too terrified to step outside.Anna’s lifeline to the real world is her window, where she sits day after day, watching her neighbours. When the Russells move in, Anna is instantly drawn to them. A picture-perfect family of three, they are an echo of the life that was once hers.But one evening, a frenzied scream rips across the silence, and Anna witnesses something no one was supposed to see. Now she must do everything she can to uncover the truth about what really happened. But even if she does, will anyone believe her? And can she even trust herself?

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

‘The Goldfinch’ was first published in 2013, it won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction in 2014. It’s now being turned into a film by director John Crowley and starring Nicole Kidman and Sarah Paulson,
If you haven’t read this book, why not give it a go?

Aged 13, Theo Decker, son of a devoted mother and a reckless, largely absent father, survives an accident that otherwise tears his life apart. Alone and rudderless in New York, he is taken in by the family of a wealthy friend. He is tormented by an unbearable longing for his mother, and down the years clings to one thing that reminds him of her: a small, strangely captivating painting that ultimately draws him into the criminal underworld. As he grows up, Theo learns to glide between the drawing rooms of the rich and the dusty antiques store where he works. He is alienated and in love and his talisman, the painting, places him at the centre of a narrowing, ever more dangerous circle.

The good liar by Nicholas Searle

‘The Good Liar’ is another thriller being turned into a movie this year. Directed by Bill Condon and starring Helen Mirren, Ian McKellen and Russell Tovey. The film is due to come to UK cinemas 15 November 2019.

This is a life told back to front. This is a man who has lied all his life. Roy is a conman living in a small English town, about to pull off his final con. He is going to meet and woo a beautiful woman. He will swiftly move in with her and together they will live the seemingly calm life of a retired couple – evenings in front of the television, a little holiday in Berlin. Then he will slip away with her life savings. But who is the man behind the con and what has he had to do to survive this life of lies? And why is this beautiful woman so willing to be his next victim?

The rhythm section by Mark Burnell

‘The rhythm section’ is a dark story about loss, revenge and lies. This chilling book will come to life with Jude Law, Sterling K. Brown and Blake Lively as some of the actors. Directed by Reed Morano, the movie will hit UK cinemas 22 November.

Four people housed in a single body, four minds crushed into one, Stephanie Patrick is no longer sure who she is. Recruited and trained, she is plunged into a world where her ability to switch persona keeps her alive.

Old Possum’s book of practical cats by T.S. Eliot

First published in 1939, T.S. Eliot’s collection of cat poems, written originally to amuse his godchildren and friends, has become one of the all-time favourites of children’s literature. This book is now being turned into a film directed by Tom Hooper and starring Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Taylor Swift, James Corden and Idris Elba.

A tribe of cats called the Jellicles must decide yearly which one will ascend to the Heaviside Layer and come back to a new Jellicle life.


The perfectionists by Sara Shepard

Set a few years after the events of “Pretty Little Liars,” three college friends struggle with the stress of being overachievers in the picturesque town of Beacon Heights.
This new series started airing 20 March 2019 and will be showing on the UK network Freefrom.

High school senior Nolan Hotchkiss is one of those lucky kids – handsome, rich, living a charmed life – despite the fact that he’s a self-centred bully who treats everyone around him like dirt. Still, no one can touch Nolan, no one would try. Until now. There are five girls at school with Nolan who each have a very good reason to end his reign of terror, and now they’re going to put words into actions and play this player at his own game. But when you mess with fire you risk getting burnt. For these five fearless girls, revenge comes at a very high price and secrets have a habit of coming out – even when there is nothing to hide.

Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
CoverGood Omens Poster

A book written by two of the greatest fantasy authors in modern time, ‘Good Omens’ has everything you would want; humour, thrills, excitement and good writing. Coming to Amazon Prime Video 31 May 2019, this new TV series stars David Tennant, Benedict Cumberbatch and Adria Arjona.
We have plenty of copies if you would like to read the book before watching the show.

According to The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter Witch, Judgement Day is almost upon us and the world’s going to end in a week . . . Now people have been predicting the end of the world almost from its very beginning, so it’s only natural to be sceptical when a new date is set for Judgement Day. But what if, for once, the predictions are right, and the apocalypse really is due to arrive next Saturday, just after tea?

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

This classic novel is set in Italy during the Second World War, it’s now been turned into a mini-series starring Hugh Laurie, George Clooney and Kyle Chandler. This six episode series will be coming to Channel 4 this spring!
Why not give the book a read before watching the show.

Set in the closing months of World War II, this is the story of a bombardier named Yossarian who is frantic and furious because thousands of people he has never met are trying to kill him. His real problem is not the enemy – it is his own army which keeps increasing the number of missions the men must fly to complete their service. If Yossarian makes any attempts to excuse himself from the perilous missions then he is caught in Catch-22: if he flies he is crazy, and doesn’t have to; but if he doesn’t want to he must be sane and has to. That’s some catch…

Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons
Cover Watchmen Poster

Having already been turned into a mini-series back in 2008 and a movie in 2009, ‘Watchmen’ is now being turned into a TV series directed by Damon Lindelof and starring Adelaide Clemens, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Frances Fisher.
This graphic novel isn’t for the faint hearted, but if you would like to catch up on the graphic novel head over to your local library. Though no exact date is currently set, this series will be coming to UK screens in the autumn of 2019.

In an alternate world where the mere presence of American superheroes changed history, the US won the Vietnam War, Nixon is still president, and the Cold War is in full effect. ‘Watchmen’ begins as a murder-mystery, but soon unfolds into a planet-altering conspiracy. As the resolution comes to a head, the unlikely group of reunited heroes – Rorschach, Nite Owl, Silk Spectre, Dr Manhattan, and Ozymandias – have to test the limits of their convictions and ask themselves where the true line is between good and evil.

His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman
Cover His Dark Materials Poster

‘His Dark Materials’ is actually a trilogy of the books; ‘Northern Lights’, ‘The Subtle Knife’ and ‘The Amber Spyglass’. These books have been turned into movies in the past, but this is the first time the whole trilogy is turned into one series.
There’s currently no date for the premiere of this series, but it’s been confirmed it will air on BBC this year and include stars such as Dafne Keen, Lin-Manuel Miranda and James McAvoy.

12-year-old Lyra, whose daemon Pantalaimon is part of her very self, is growing up in an ancient, ritual-haunted Oxford. She must rescue her friend Roger from evil kidnappers. In our world, Will has his own dangerous task to fulfil.

Coming 2020…

So far ‘Artemis Fowl‘, ‘Little Women‘ and ‘Call of the Wild’ are all confirmed books that’s been turned into movies are will be coming to UK cinemas in 2020!

📚Did we miss any? Tell us in the comments below! 🎥


National Vegetarian Week 2019

13-19 May is National Vegetarian Month! It’s the perfect excuse to try all those tasty, meat-free dishes you’ve been eyeing but just haven’t got around to actually make!

Eating less meat isn’t just good for your health – it’s good for the environment and the climate. We’ve put together a list of brilliant cooking books to help you kick off the week with tastiness.

The world of the Happy Pear

David and Stephen Flynn put fun, deliciousness and friendship at the heart of their cooking. By showing that vegetarian food is endlessly varied, packed full of flavour and amazingly easy to prepare they want to spread the love for fruit and veg!

The World of the Happy Pear is inspired by David and Stephen’s family, friends and the international team at their legendary café. It includes over 100 mouth-watering and totally doable recipes – like Grilled Halloumi Burger with Sweet Chilli Ketchup and a Garlic Tahini Mayo … Fennel, Ruby Grapefruit, Avocado and Blueberry Salad … Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tart.

Try the eBook

The Curry Guy – veggie: over 100 vegetarian Indian restaurant classics and new dishes to make at home

Dan Toombs, The Curry Guy, has been on a quest to learn and develop the most celebrated meat-free Indian recipes, and here he presents over 100 recipes that focus on taste and simplicity.

Bazaar: fresh, flavourful & deeply satisfying vegetarian recipes for every occasion

Fresh veggie kitchen : natural, nutritious and delicious wholefood recipes to nourish body and soul

‘Bazaar’ is a colourful, flavourful, and satisfying celebration of vegetable dishes, designed to suit every occasion and every palate. The magic of this cookbook is that you won’t feel like anything is missing, with dishes full of easy-to-achieve flavours and depth that would win over even the most die-hard carnivore. Each recipe utilizes the abundance of varied flavour profiles of the East, from spices, herbs, and perfumed aromatics to hearty staples such as grains and pulses, combined with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. You will find salads for all seasons, spectacular sides, bowl comfort, moreish mains, and sweet treats.

Little green kitchen: simple vegetarian family recipes

Like most families, David and Luise know that the road to feeding your children isn’t always a straight one. They have raised three kids while writing their acclaimed vegetarian cookbooks and have experienced a fair share of food tossed on the floor and soup bowls left untouched. But they have also learned ways around this. In this book, they share their passion for cooking fun, modern, wholesome meals with kids’ palates in mind, but that also are interesting enough for adults to enjoy.

Veggie lean in 15

Get ready for the first veggie cookbook from the nation’s favourite healthy cook and fitness sensation, Joe Wicks. Inside are 100 flavour-packed vegetarian recipes, many of which are also vegan, plus three exclusive Body Coach HIIT workouts and a bonus abs workout. From Smoky Sweet Potato Chilli to ‘Creamy’ Butternut Pasta, ‘Veggie Lean in 15’ features a fantastic range of meat-free dishes, all prepared in 15 minutes flat. The recipes are ideal for full and part-time veggies, as well as those wishing to cut down on eating meat in a healthy and delicious way.

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GreenFeast. Spring, summer 

The ‘GreenFeast’ recipes are for those who want easy recipes for eating more vegetable dishes throughout the week and there will be suggestions for changing up each recipe, as well as lists and lists of quick ideas.

The Indian vegetarian cookbook

Vegetables are an integral part of Indian cuisine – and this collection of 150 healthy and approachable vegetarian recipes showcases an array of delicious breakfasts and drinks, salads, vegetables and legumes, grains, and desserts. Drawing inspiration from India’s myriad regions and culinary traditions, Pushpesh Pant simplifies this hugely popular cuisine with easily achievable, nourishing, and authentic dishes so tasty and satisfying that they are suitable for vegetarians, meat-eaters, and those simply wishing to reduce the amount of meat in their diet.

101 vegetarian grill & BBQ recipes

The sun’s out, your friends are coming over, the fridge is full of crisp white wine chilling nicely and you’re ready to grill. But you have a vegetarian (or two) coming – what to cook? Don’t be fooled into thinking that the marriage of pire heat and raw meat is the only option. There are so many jaw-droppingly delicious and healthy ways to cook all kinds of meat-free food over the coals or on a gas grill. Here you’ll find ultimate inspiration in chapters organized into small bites, skewers, burgers, hot sides, salads, salsas, relishes, and sweet treats.

Bowls of goodness: vibrant vegetarian recipes full of nourishment

Inspired by home cooking and ingredients from around the world, Nina Olsson’s eclectic mix of recipes – which are all vegetarian, and often vegan and gluten-free too – are based on her hugely popular blog and showcase plant based bowl food at its best.

Veggie comfort food

Nutritionist Josephine Ashby has put together over 100 tasty and healthy dishes that are fuss-free, economical, and quick to make. Her book features hearty salads, small plates to share, delicious and filling main meals and colourful, mouth-watering desserts.

Very veggie family cookbook

In a time when more and more people turn their eyes away from the meat counter and look at the vegetables on offer instead, the question of cooking for a young family raises its head. This book contains 60 vegetarian recipes adapted for the family, divided into chapters based on the time it takes to cook them. There are recipes that take only 20 minutes on a stressful day after work, but also dishes for nights in the week when you might be able to spend a bit longer than half an hour on dinner – plus recipes for the weekend that are a bit more demanding, but also a bit more luxurious. There are also recipes for finger food, good snacks, yummy desserts and lots of practical tips.

Saffron soul: healthy vegetarian heritage recipes from India

Indian food is an internationally popular cuisine, yet, unfairly, it is often considered to be heavy, rich and indulgent. With more people than ever before turning to healthy home cooking there has never been a better time for a fresh and lighter take on Indian food – one that Mira is creating with her vibrant and healthy cooking style. In ‘Saffron Soul’, Mira demonstrates her modern interpretations of the Indian classics.

These are just a handful of the many amazing cooking books we have, why not browse the cooking section next time your at the library – maybe you will find some new, exciting recipe!

Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

Body image issues can affect all of us, disregarding gender or age.
This year, the focus of the Mental Health Awareness Week (13 May – 19 May) is on just this – body image.

We’ve put together a booklist of books, for all ages, to help get the conversation started about body image and to see that we are all beautiful – no matter our size or weight!

For adults and parents;

Body positive power
by Megan Jayne Crabbe


We’ve been convinced that happiness is something that only comes once we hit that goal weight, get those washboard abs, shrink ourselves down and change every part of ourselves. We believe that our bodies are the problem, but the truth is that our bodies are not the problem. Megan’s body image issues began when she was five years old. She spent her childhood chasing thinness, and at 14 found herself spiralling into anorexia. After recovery she spent years dieting, binging, losing and gaining weight. Then she found body positivity, quit dieting, and finally escaped the cult of thin. Now she’s determined to let as many people as possible know the truth: that we are all good enough as we are. With her inimitable flair, whip-smart wit and kickass attitude, Megan argues for a new way of seeing ourselves, and a world where every body is celebrated.


Weight expectations: one man’s recovery from anorexia
by Dave Chawner

Looking at the day-to-day struggle of living with an eating disorder, Dave Chawner shares how he became anorexic, and how he has started to recover. This engaging and sharply funny book will give hope to anyone in a similar situation, and give insight life with mental illness to those fortunate enough not to have it.

Am I ugly?
by Michelle Elman


In today’s world of supplements, celebrity diets and social media, it’s very easy to be hard on ourselves about the way we look. With all this pressure to strive for ‘perfection’ aesthetically, it is easy to forget how damaging this can be psychologically. ‘Am I Ugly?’ is Michelle Elman’s compelling and deeply personal memoir that describes her childhood experiences of life-threatening health problems, long stays in hospital and fifteen complex surgeries that left her scarred, both mentally and physically. The narrative follows Michelle’s journey from illness to health, and from childhood to adulthood as she deals with her body-confidence issues to embrace both her scars and her body – and help others to do the same.


Man up: surviving modern masculinity
by Jack Urwin


Jack Urwin’s father died just before he turned 10. Being male, he never really learned to talk about this with any kind of sincerity. His grief stayed with him through his teens, slowly becoming depression. Now 24 and a journalist whose recent Vice article ‘A Stiff Upper Lip is Killing British Men’ became a viral sensation, he explores what it means to be a man now. He traces crises of masculinity from our grandfathers’ inability to deal with the horrors of war, to the mob mentality of football terraces or Fight Club, and the disturbing rise of mental health problems among men today.


Curvology: the origins and power of female body shape
by David Bainbridge


Cambridge Professor of Veterinary Anatomy David Bainbridge applies the science of evolutionary biology and cutting-edge psychology to women’s bodies, to explain why the human female is the only female animal to have curves and how these curves rule our lives, by influencing not only sexual selection but also social hierarchy and self-image.


Happy fat: taking up space in a world that wants to shrink you
by Sofie Hagen

In Happy Fat, comedian Sofie Hagen shares how she removed fatphobic influences from her daily life and found self-acceptance in a world where judgement and discrimination are rife.From shame and sex to airplane seats, love and getting stuck in public toilets, Sofie provides practical tips for readers – drawing wisdom from other Fat Liberation champions along the way.Part memoir, part social commentary, Happy Fat is a funny, angry and impassioned look at how taking up space in a culture that is desperate to reduce you can be radical, emboldening and life-changing.


Overcoming anorexia nervosa: a self-help guide using cognitive behavioral techniques
by Patricia Graham

This title provides a complete self-help recovery programme for the dangerous and wide-spread eating disorder anorexia nervosa.


The woman in the mirror: how to stop confusing what you look like with who you are
by Cynthia M. Bulik

The Woman in the Mirror goes beyond typical self-esteem books to dig deep into the origins of women’s problems with body image. Psychologist Cynthia Bulik guides readers in the challenging task of disentangling self-esteem from body esteem and taking charge of the insidious negative self-talk that started as early as when you first realized you didn’t really look like a fairy princess. By reprogramming how we feel about ourselves and our bodies, we can practice healthy eating and sensible exercise, and focus on the many things we have to offer our family, community, and job. Bulik provides us the tools to reclaim our self-confidence and to respect and love who we are.


The A to Z of eating disorders
by  Emma Woolf

This practical, myth-busting book demystifies the issues and terminology around eating disorders. In A-Z format, it gives a comprehensive explanation of the different physical and mental aspects of these complex conditions – ending with Z for size zero.

Body image problems & body dysmorphic disorder : the definitive treatment and recovery approach 
by Lauren Callaghan, Annemarie O’Connor & Chloe Catchpole

From the heart and soul of mental health sufferer Chloe Catchpole, and the expert minds of the talented, clinical psychologists, Lauren Callaghan and Dr Annemarie O’Connor, this book is divided into two helpful, cohesive parts. Detailed from the separate perspectives of a sufferer and the psychologists is an insight into mental health recovery that sufferers can really relate to.


The gentle eating book
by Sarah Ockwell-Smith

Most parents worry about their child’s eating. Common concerns include picky eating in toddlerhood, sweet cravings and vegetable avoidance in the early school years and dieting and worries about weight in the tween and teenage years. This book helps parents to understand their child’s eating habits at each age. Starting from birth, it covers how to start your child off with the most positive approach to eating, whether they are breast or bottle-fed. Parents of older babies will find information about introducing solids, feeding at daycare and when to wean off of breast or formula milk. For parents with toddlers and older children, Sarah includes advice on picky eating and food refusal, overeating, snacking and navigating eating at school, while parents of tweens and teens will find information on dieting, peer pressure, promoting a positive body image and preparing children for future independence.

For the younger readers;

Help your kids with growing up : a no-nonsense guide to puberty and adolescence
by Robert Winston

Covering everything from the menstrual cycle to sexting and even cyber-bullying, this visual guide to puberty and adolescence is a must-read for all parents and tweens embarking on those scary teenage years. It covers contemporary issues such as internet safety, whilst also tackling key topics such as sexuality and body image.



Growing up for boys
by Alex Frith


This text prepares boys for what to expect from puberty and offers advice on what they can do to cope with the physical, psychological, and emotional changes and stay happy and confident as they go through their early teens.
Try the eBook


Growing up for girls
by Felicity Brooks

This book prepares girls for what to expect from puberty and offers advice on what they can do to cope with the emotional, psychological and physical changes and stay happy and confident as they go through their early teens.
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Banish your body image thief : a cognitive behavioural therapy workbook on building positive body image for young people
by Kate Collins-Donnelly

The body image thief is a sneaky character – if you’re not careful, he’ll steal away all your positive feelings about your body from your ‘Body Image Vault’, leaving only the negative ones behind. How can you banish him? Fortify your vault with positive self-beliefs so he can’t break in! This imaginative workbook contains activities and strategies to help you build up positive thoughts, feelings and beliefs about your body. This title includes blank sections to be filled in by the reader.


Big bones
by Laura Dockrill

The latest teen novel from the sparkling Laura Dockrill, introducing Bluebelle, and her moving, hilarious take on food, body image and how we look after ourselves and others A heart-warming teen story from the unique voice of Laura Dockrill, about Bluebelle, aka BB, aka Big Bones – a sixteen-year-old girl encouraged to tackle her weight even though she’s perfectly happy, thank you, and getting on with her life and in love with food. Then a tragedy in the family forces BB to find a new relationship with her body and herself. Moving, memorable and hilarious.


If you’re worrying about body image and need someone to talk to, these charities can be a good start:

Helpline for adults: 0808 801 0677
Helpline for youths: 0808 801 0711
Helpline for stiudents: 0808 801 0811


Overeaters Anonumous


Helpline 01482 718130








Dementia Action Week 2019

Dementia Support Services

Hampshire Libraries are committed to supporting those living with Dementia across Hampshire.

Many of our Hampshire Library Service staff and volunteers have attended Dementia Awareness sessions – taking the opportunity to become Dementia Friends. The aim is to offer positive, Dementia friendly environments in all libraries.  Living with Dementia can create feelings of isolation and problems communicating with family, friends and carers. For many carers it can feel difficult to break through these frustrating barriers.  Hampshire County Council’s Library Service offers a range of materials and resources to borrow to help improve and stimulate discussion and memories.

We have a collection of helpful books for young children.
These are perfect to sit down and read together and start a conversation about dementia with your child and children.

Books on Prescription – Dementia Collection

This is an informative collection of titles chosen by The Reading Agency, and recommended and endorsed by health professionals.  It is designed to provide information and advice about dementia plus support for relatives and carers. The selection Includes personal stories and activities to share.

Reminiscence Collection

The collection helps to stimulate memories and past experiences. It includes posters, games and quizzes, postcards,  recorded music, smell boxes and memory boxes, jigsaws, photographs and books which can be used to stimulate and support reminiscence.


Sometimes listening to the rhythm of a voice reading a story can be relaxing in itself. Audio resources can also help if someone wakes during the night, or when attending medical appointments.

Audiobooks; Playaways

Individual books are pre-loaded onto an easy to use MP3 player about the size of a pack of cards. The user can slow down the reading pace to suit their needs.

Audiobooks; Mp3 CDs

A whole book on 1 or 2 discs that can be listened to, paused, rewound or fast forwarded as needed so that people with dementia can still enjoy the pleasure of a book.

National Talking Newspapers and Magazines

Library staff are happy to load your favourite newspapers and magazines onto your own memory stick. Over 50 audio titles are  available including, Reader’s Digest, Which?, Country Living and People’s Friend.

Quick Reads

Shorter, easy to read paperbacks by popular authors in larger clear print.

Pictures to Share Collection

Books with large simple images designed for people with dementia to help stimulate conversation between them and their families and carers.

Home Library Service

For anyone who finds it difficult to get to the library because of ill health, disability or caring responsibilities. We carefully match customers with local volunteers who are DBS checked, recruited and trained by library staff. Each month these volunteers will select and deliver library items based on your preferences.
Many of our Hampshire Library Service staff and volunteers have attended Dementia Awareness sessions and are experienced in talking with people who have dementia. Please do ask for more information about any of the services and resources listed here and other services we provide such as the Good Neighbour scheme. Read our Home Library Service blog for more!

Dementia Booklist

This year we also put together a booklist to support those living with dementia in some way. These books range from life-stories to information books on dementia and what it is.

Dementia from the inside: a doctor’s personal journey of hope
by Dr. Jennifer Bute  with Louise Morse


Dr Jennifer Bute, FRCGP, is a distinguished former General Practitioner. In 2009 she was diagnosed with early-onset dementia, and has since learned valuable ways of coping and helping others with the condition. Her primary conviction is that living with faith in Jesus means there is joy, even in dementia. But what does it feel like to have dementia, and what can help? Jennifer believes that her dementia is an opportunity as well as a challenge. When she resigned as a GP, she resolved to explore what could be done to slow the progress of dementia, and to help people living with it.

Somebody I used to know
by Wendy Mitchell with Anna Wharton

When Wendy Mitchell was diagnosed with dementia at the age of 58, she had to say goodbye to the woman she once was. Her career in the NHS, her ability to drive, cook and run – the various shades of her independence – were suddenly gone. Yet Wendy was determined not to give in. She was, and still is, propelled by a need to live in the moment, never knowing which version of herself might surface tomorrow. In this phenomenal memoir, Wendy grapples with questions most of us have never had to consider. What do you value when loss of memory reframes what you have, how you have lived and what you stand to lose? What happens when you can no longer recognise your own daughters, or even, on the foggiest of days, yourself?

When someone you love has dementia
by Susan Elliot-Wright


For individual carers without enough support, having a loved one with dementia often remains challenging. This book looks at practicalities and relationships, including: Defining Alzheimer’s and other dementia; Diagnosis; After diagnosis; planning for the future; Medications to help with symptoms such as memory problems, wandering, and aggressive behaviour; Other therapies such as music therapy; Practicalities: coping with strange behaviour, confusion, memory problems. Outside help and services and how to access them; Later stages of dementia; issues to consider such as residential care, financial arrangements, wills and living wills; Coping with being a carer

Try the eBook

What dementia teaches us about love
by Nicci Gerrard

What is it to be oneself, and what is it to lose one’s self. Who are we when we are not ourselves, and where do we go? This is a book about dementia – not a personal account, but an exploration, structured around this radically-slowed death. Full of people’s stories, both sad and optimistic, it is a journey into the dusk and then the darkness – and then out on to the other side, where, once someone is dead, a life can be seen whole again.

A pocket guide to understanding Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias
by Dr. James Warner and Dr. Nori Graham


If you or a loved one are worried about Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia, this pocket guide will help you to better understand the conditions, and how they are diagnosed and treated. Written by leading dementia experts, this book provides clear and concise information on: symptoms; diagnosis and treatments; getting help and support; tips for people living with dementia; advice for carers.

Will I still be me? : finding a continuing sense of self in the lived experience of dementia
by Christine Bryden

Christine Bryden was diagnosed with dementia in 1995, but her experiences do not reflect the mainstream discourse of loss of self while living with dementia. In this book she explains why people with dementia have a meaningful and continuing sense of self and calls for a different understanding of dementia that results in greater inclusion.

Yoga for dementia: a guide for people with dementia, their families and caregivers
by Tania Plahay


Proven to enhance well being, posture, breathing and sleep, and reduce anxiety and agitation, this programme shows how yoga can be adapted to benefit people with dementia. Based on the findings of a pilot therapeutic yoga programme for people with dementia in care homes, this book offers substantial yoga sequences, breathing exercises, meditations and mindfulness exercises for improving symptoms associated with dementia. It offers an innovative reminiscence Yoga approach, which uses sounds, music, guided imagery and familiar actions to stimulate memories. The book also includes case studies which show the many benefits of yoga for people with dementia, and describes the ways that each yoga exercise can be adapted for people of different abilities.

The dementia diaries: a novel in cartoons
by Matthew Synman


Brie, Fred, Sarah, and Sam tell you what it’s really like to care for a relative who has dementia. Funny, moving and honest, their illustrated diary entries will completely alter your understanding of dementia. This book also contains practical tips and activities for young people who have a relative with the illness.

Reducing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias : a guide to personal cognitive rehabilitation techniques
by Jackie Pool

Practical and innovative, this book provides guidance for people with dementia, their families and carers. Comprehensive myth-busting information on nutrition, stress, communication, sleep and cognitive rehabilitation techniques will allow readers to build a personalised self-care plan to reduce dementia symptoms and improve quality of life.

Better brain food : eat to cheat dementia and cognitive decline
by Ngaire Hobbin, recipes by Michelle Crawford


In the UK 850,000 people suffer from dementia, and it is on the rise; on average we are living 20 years longer than our grandparents, increasing the likelihood that we will develop dementia at some stage in our lives. With lifelines increasing, looking after our brains is more important than ever and in recent years, a lot of research has been undertaken so we can understand what food and lifestyle changes help to promote brain health and the slow decline of dementia. In this book, dietitian Ngaire Hobbins explains that in her experience, many elderly patients’ cognitive decline could have been mitigated if they had eaten better 3 or 5 years prior.

If you would like support or more information about Dementia or Alzheimer’s, Dementia UK and Alzheimer’s Society offer support and information.

National Share-a-Story Month – Travelling Tales

National Share a Story Month is an annual celebration of the power of storytelling and story sharing, providing a fantastic opportunity bring children and stories together.
We’ve put together a list of books that are perfect for sharing!

A bare bear: a book of words that sound the same
Written by Caz Hildebrand and illustrations by Ashlea O’Neill

Meet a yak who can’t stop yackety-yacking, a hare with huge hair and a bear who’s, well, rather bare! Playing with language in a wonderfully fun and memorable way, this beautifully designed book will entertain and delight children everywhere.


Cats and robbers
Written and illustrated by Russell Ayto
Cats and Robbers

Get ready for fun and hilarity in this action-packed comedy caper – featuring three hapless robbers, two very clever cats, and one robbery gone wrong! These robbers are masked and armed with their robbing list. They’re going to steal the loot from the big old house on the hill. Except they haven’t planned for the cats who live there. With booby traps ready, they’re going to stop the villains sneaking and creeping their way to the prized safe. Will the robbers get what they came for? Or will these two clever kitties foil their plan and keep the loot for themselves?


At the library
Written by Heather Alexander and illustrated by Ipek Konak

What’s it like inside a library? Who is welcome, how do you use one and what is there to do? This beautifully illustrated book introduces children to libraries, big and small, and all the amazing things these institutions have to offer. From books to computers, from story time to special guests and from unique collections to very important rules. This is a wonderful way for children to learn about libraries and the value of reading, sharing and community. In addition, the unique design of the book allows children to discover a ‘hidden’ image by holding the page up to a bright light, much like a lift-the-flap mechanism.

King Pong
Written by Clare Helen Welsh and illustrated by Kelly Breemer

For ages 5-7
Image result for 9781848864030

King Pong is the bravest, strongest gorilla in the jungle but there’s just one problem: he has never had a bath.


I want to be a bat!
Based on the original story by Steve Smallman, written by Katie Woolley
For ages 5-7
Reading Gems: I Want to Be a Bat! (Level 1) [Book]

Mouse wants to fly like Bat. He wants to sleep upside down like Bat too, but he doesn’t like eating moths! Yuck! ‘Reading Gems’ is a supplementary reading programme that supports a child’s learning at school. Featuring original stories, delightful characters and humorous illustrations, the ‘Reading Gems’ books have been designed to put the fun back into reading.


Ivy and Bean series
Written by Annie Barrows and Illustrated by Sophie Blackall
For ages 6-8

The moment they saw each other, Bean and Ivy knew they wouldn’t be friends. But when Bean plays a joke on her sister, Nancy, and has to hide quick Ivy comes to the rescue, proving that sometimes the best of friends are people never meant to like each other. Vibrant characters and lots of humour make this a charming and addictive introduction to Ivy and Bean.

Beatrix the bold and the curse of the wobblers
Written by Simon Mockler and illustrated by Cherie Zamazing
For ages 8-10

Ten-year-old Beatrix is very good at telling jokes, dancing and throwing knives. She also happens to be a queen of a distant land – though she doesn’t know that yet. She also happens to be the queen who is quite possibly destined to lead the Wobblers to bold victory over the Evil Army – though she doesn’t know that yet either. Beatrix lives in an enormous golden palace with Aunt Esmerelda the Terrible and Uncle Ivan the Vicious, but as she’s only been allowed to see one new room per birthday, she’s only ever been inside ten rooms of the palace. Her aunt and uncle have always told her that if she goes beyond the woods outside the palace she’ll fall off the edge of the world. And the Dark, Dark Woods and all that lies beyond must be avoided at all costs – what if the dreaded Wobblers were to get her? But finally, the veil Beatrix has been living under is starting to slip. Beatrix knows she needs to be bold.


The beasts of Grimheart
Written by Kieran Larwood and illustrated by David Wyatt
For ages 8-10

The Gorm have started to attack the forest, trying to flush out the Darkhollow rabbits. Podkin and the others leave for Sparrowfast warren, on the other side of the forest, to ask his uncle for help and for the use of his magic bow (one of the 12 Gifts). As they make their way through the forest, Vetch turns traitor and tries to seize the Gifts Podkin and Paz own for his masters, the Gorm. The young rabbits flee into the forest depths, where they discover a lost tribe of rabbits and a another of the sacred Gifts – a crown which lets the wearer speak to animals. With their new allies, Podkin, Paz and Pook emerge, meeting up with the others at Silver Rock warren. His uncle and the Sparrowfast rabbits are already there, as the Gorm have marched round the forest edge and taken their warren.


The boy who flew
Fleur Hitchcock
For ages 8-10

Athan Wilde dreams of flight. When his friend, Mr Chen, is murdered, Athan must rescue the flying machine they were building together and stop it falling into the wrong hands. But keeping the machine safe puts his family in terrible danger. What will Athan choose – flight or family?

by Nicola Skinner
For ages 10+

A beautifully written, incredibly original and wickedly funny novel for readers of 10 and older, ‘Bloom’ is for everyone who has ever felt like they didn’t fit in, and for anyone who has ever wanted a little more colour and wildness in their lives.


The colour of the sun
David Almond
For ages 11+

One hot summer morning, Davie steps boldly out of his front door. The world he enters is very familiar – the little Tyneside town that has always been his home – but as the day passes, it becomes ever more dramatic and strange. A boy has been killed, and Davie thinks he might know who is responsible. As he turns away from the gossip and excitement and sets off roaming towards the sunlit summit at the top of the town, where the real and imaginary world begin to blur.


The monsters we deserve
by Marcus Sedgwick
For ages 11+

Taut, tense, terrifying. Author Marcus Sedgwick writes of the monsters we create in literature and in our own minds in this reappraisal of Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’.


If there is a specific genre or author that your child likes, you can use ‘Who Next?’ – a place to search for similar authors or new authors of specific genres. You can even narrow it down by age and find the perfect book for your child!
You can find it through our Digital Library here, it’s completely free all you need is your library card!

Is your child under 5? Did you know all Hampshire Libraries have Storytime sessions – 30 minutes where stories are shared. It’s not only free, but there’s no need to book! You can just drop by, and if your child only wants to sit down and listen to one story – that’s okay!
Find out when your local library has their next Storytime here.

 📚📚Happy reading!📚📚