Makery on the Move – Summer 2019

The Makery is on the move this summer – coming to 25 of our libraries throughout the summer! Bringing with them two robotics sessions and a digital animation session for children age 8-13, each session is two hours long and tickets are £8 a child. Tickets can be bought from the library directly or online by following the links below.
The three sessions available are:

Lego® Robotics,
The children will code and program EV3 Robots. Using pre-built EV3 space models controlled via iPads they will write and troubleshoot the code necessary to program the EV3 to complete a space-themed mission.
The children will have the opportunity to put the skills they’ve learnt to use as they, themselves, have to navigate the surface of the “moon” to repair and reactivate a faulty lunar module.
This is a creative design technology session underpinned by computing principles to build a space themed lunar landing vehicle built using recycled materials and powered by a Crumble robotics kit.
The children will get the opportunity to build their own space vehicle from recycled items to complete an exciting mock lunar mission.
Digital Animation,
Using iPads and dedicated software the children will create their own fun space themed adventure in a stop-motion animated film, featuring all their favourite Summer Reading Challenge characters.

If your child or children would like to join one of these sessions, have a look below to see when the Makery will be stopping at a library near you this summer!
To book a space for your child or children, contact the library directly or click on the session you’re interested in below to book a space online.

Works, Lego, Robotics

Lego® Robotics sessions;

Children, Win, Success, Video Game, Play, Happy

Crumble sessions;

Digital Animation sessions;

Summer Reading Challenge illustrations © Adam Stower for The Reading Agency

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